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17 Jun 2011
The club released a first list of B players that won’t continue for next season; it is quite surprising to see Diego Rivas and Añon on that list, but Lendoiro explained that it was difficult to reach an agreement with some of them.

In a recent interview coach Tito Ramallo revealed that the 50% of Fabril’s squad for the season 2011/12 is going to be totally different, and the club already made the first step towards this idea, because on Tuesday canaldeportivo.com released the first list of five players that won’t continue ahead of the new campaign; keeper Diego Rivas, midfielders Dani Garcia, Dinis and Martin Buchel plus winger David Añon.

It is surprising to see the name of Añon on the list as he was the second best scorer at the team during the season that has just ended (9 goals), and especially since the club presented a renewal offer that was rejected as the player said it was “too low”, now the striker seems close to sign for Recreativo de Huelva, meanwhile goalie Diego Rivas, who was the hero in the last promotion, is now searching for a club despite Depor’s first team is seeking for a second keeper after the exit of Manu.

The exit of these two players has caused some criticism towards the club for not taking care of its youngsters, but Lendoiro tried to explain the things during his last press conference, “It isn’t easy to renew young players, because at some point the agents don’t allow it. We always pay their wages and at the moment of truth the problems begging. I believe that the player s should pay to learn, as in any other place you pay to learn. But here we pay for it. Then, at some point, you must left a spot for the players coming from behind. That this kid isn’t working on here? Well let’s gave the spot to the player coming from behind. The heart is there for something more than to kiss the shield” He said

The true is that these exits won’t be the last ones as it is expected more departures in the coming days, because there are other players that haven’t renewed their contracts yet and that want to leave in case of not finding a spot at the first team, like the case of Canarian winger/playmaker Luis Ángel, or even the case of top-scorer Dioni, who still has one year of contract, but that doesn’t want to play at Tercera División.

In the end the gaps will be covered by the current players at Juvenil A, youngsters that haven’t ended their season yet as they still competing in Copa Del Rey. Among the favourites to be promoted are strikers Alvaro Lemos, Alex Pérez and midfielder Fernando, even the nephew of Valerón, Manu Valerón, could have a chance. The idea of Deportivo is to complete the new B squad before the end of June, because on July 10 the youngsters will begin their pre-season stage.

The club also informed during this week that it is creating a tenth squad inside the organization chart of the youth teams: Benjamines, a team that will be composed by ten-year old kids. It will be the youngest team at the club; the other nine teams will continue to be Juvenil A & B (17/16-year-old players), Cadete A & B (15/14-year-old players), Infantil A & B (13/12-year-old players) and Alevín A & B (11-year-old players).



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