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21 Jun 2011
Lendoiro has been announcing the first signing of the season since two weeks ago, but so far nothing has been closed. The most recent rumour is pointing out to Fran Rico, a young Galician promise from Real Madrid Castilla.

Depor’s fans have been patiently waiting for the first signing of the season 2011/12; since two weeks ago president Augusto César Lendoiro has been saying in his press conferences that the first signing is about to come, last week he even said that the first incorporation could arrive before the last weekend. But nothing happened in the end.

Now, the gossip/rumours are once again pointing out that the first signing of the season is about to come; and it could be arriving from Real Madrid B. It is well known that Lendoiro likes to fish for youngsters at Real Madrid Castilla or at Barcelona B, and the most recent comment is that Depor is close to sign Fran Rico (23), he is a Galician offensive midfielder that joining Castilla after playing for Pontevedra CF.

Currently Rico is the captain of the team and is considered to be a promising centre midfielder; he was close to sign for Depor when Caparrós was the coach, but in the end the Galician kid ended at Real Madrid after paying 250,000 Euros.

Now he is again crossing the path of Depor, on Monday Deporte Campeón (DxT) wrote that he is close to sign for the Galician club, while journalist Gonzalo Soto from Radio Galega was saying that Deportivo is close to sign a player from a “farm” and even assured that the contract was already sent to the agent of the player.

But DxT is also pointing out to other youngsters from Castilla, starting with strikers: José Luís Sanmartín Mato ‘Joselu’ (21) and Álvaro Borja Morata (18). The other two names mentioned are winger Pablo Sarabia García (21) and central defender David Mateos Ramajo (24), this last player performed on loan at AEK Athens during the past season. However, any of these operations won’t be easy to complete as these youngsters are highly valued in the market, as example the case of Fran Rico, who is also pretended by Real Zaragoza.

Depor could also be searching for players at Celta de Vigo, during the week it was rumoured that Lendoiro had offered a salary of 600,000 per season plus a house in La Coruña to striker Miguel Pérez Cuesta ‘Michu’ (25), who scored six goals in the last Segunda season. Another Celta’s player linked with Depor is goalkeeper Ismael Falcón (27). Both men are ending contract in June 30, but in the case of Falcón he has been also linked with Atletico Madrid and Malaga CF, while Michu is linked with Granada CF.

In other front, Depor is expecting to close the signing of midfielder Diego Rivas (31); the agent of the player, Javier Piquer, told to DxT during the weekend that he has five offers and that he will decide on this week. Piquer also said that what he doesn’t like is the duration of the contract offered by the Galician club, because the veteran midfielder wants a two-year contract, and Depor only offers one.

In the end all appoints that, finally, the first signing of the season 2011/12 will arrive during this week, and it could be a veteran or a youngster coming from a B team, all will depend on which operation could be closed first.



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