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30 Jun 2011
Lopo gave a press conference on Wednesday and said good-bye to all Deportivismo; the Catalan defender admitted that his decision of leaving was taken a long time ago and thanked all the support within the last five years.

Albert Lopo wanted to face reporters and said good-bye to Deportivo during a press conference that took place at Abegondo’s press room. He already signed with Getafe and before answering the questions, the Catalan central defender read an open letter to Deportivo:

“Let me begin by thanking for those phenomenal five years of my life that I've spent in A Coruna and Real Club Deportivo. I don’t only felt like at home, but for me this city and this club is already my home.

 Thanks to the President and the Board of Directors, who bet strongly in my signing. Thanks to all the coaches, doctors, physiotherapists, assistants, staff of the club at the Riazor and at Abegondo.

 Thank you very much to my colleagues. They have made me enjoy and grow in my profession. We had bad moments, but we always were together. I can say loud that the environment at the changing room of Deportivo is the best I've seen in my career.

 Thanks to the media. We had our little disagreements, but I have great memories of you all. I hope you come back next season with the team to Primera División. You deserve it.

 Of course thanks to the fans, this very great group of blue and white fans, no doubt it’s the great heritage of Deportivo. You have been an example in the good and bad times, but especially in bad times. You always have supported us, loved us and all the players will never forget it.

 Thanks to the city of A Coruña, truly a city where nobody is an outsider. I have been treated in A Coruña with an extraordinary affection and you have made me feel like at home.

 Now, football, my job, takes me to another city, but I will continue supporting Deportivo from the distance and hope that on next season you will return to Primera Division, which is the category deserved by the club, its fans and the city.

 I'm one more Deportivo fan. You know it. Forza Depor!”

After it, he was answering the questions of reporters; he was confessing that his good-bye has a bittersweet taste, “Cleary… things weren’t has we expected, but I don’t repent for the five years that I spent here and also for the treatment of everybody. There were good and bad moments and you end thinking a lot of things after all that have happened. Perhaps you end feeling like having a debt with people, but… well, you must keep going your way.”

Later, Lopo was commenting that it was hard to choose the option of leaving the club, “There was always a chance to stay, but the deal was never materialized for one or other reasons, clearly it’s sad when your heart tells you one thing and your head another, so there’s a moment when you need to decide, and therefore decided to continue my professional career in another place.”

“The relegation is marking all of us, though the decision was made before… and if the team has stayed at Primera I don’t know if I would have stayed. My feelings were telling me other things and I had many doubts in my head, and now I hope to have taken the right decision. Getafe was the first team that got interested in me, though it doesn’t meant that the decision was taken by this reason, but I am glad for it.” He added.

Finally, the central defender was talking of Juan Rodriguez, who is joining him at Getafe, and also of the last meeting against Valencia, “For me it is a great support to have him, but I am also leaving with the support of the changing room; I doubt I will find something like that at other place. Right now it’s looks like a lie to see the team at Segunda, we had many chances to tie and win that game [against Valencia] and hope the team could achieve the promotion in order to be once again where it deserves.”



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