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01 Jul 2011
Left-back defender Ayoze was presented on Thursday; the Canarian player was the first signing for the new season, but was the third man to be presented to the public.

The first signing for the season 2011/12, Ayoze Diaz, was presented on Thursday. The left-back passed the medicals during the morning and in the afternoon he was presented at the press room of the Riazor. The Canarian player is signing a three-year contract and will compete for a spot at the starting team with Claudio Morel.

Before passing the medicals, he talked to reporters and explained the influence of Valerón in his signings for Depor, “Yes, he called me and told me that the club and the city were fine… He is my friend and also a colleague. Later, I guess, they talked with my agent. Chema [Oltra’s assistant] also phoned me and even the coach talked to me. I hope that I will be adapted soon, because I spent four years at Santander, so I guess it won’t be complicated.”

“This isn’t a step backwards; the club is at Segunda because football is capricious and sometimes these things happen, but soon the club will return to be where it belongs. This is a great club and I know that I will be welcomed.” He added.

Later he was assuring that Depor is going to be the rival to bet at Segunda, “This is a very competitive league, it is a more equal competition and it is going to be hard to return to Primera, but we are going to fight for it. We must learn how to live with the pressure; we are professionals and must try to clinch the promotion.”

Later, during his presentation, Ayoze was saying that experience is going to be a key factor at Segunda, “It is important to have people with experience at the team, because later the youngsters can bring some things, but it is more difficult. The players with more games at their shoulders should be the ones bringing confidence, and at Segunda División this factor is really important.”

“It is a tough league and it is going to be a complicate season in all senses; I am joining a team with several veterans, players that have been here for a while; I just wish to be able to bring some joy to the fans. I will try to do my best and let’s see if we can achieve the goal.“ He added.

President Augusto César Lendoiro also talked to reporters during the presentation of Ayoze; among the main things that he explained he confirmed the renewal of Fabril’s defender Raul Garcia, “He has signed a one-year contract with the option to extend the deal for three more years. He is here in order to alternate with the first team or to go out loaned. Let’s see what will be decided.”

Another interesting subject was Adrian, because Depor’s boss said that he tried to renew his contract in countless opportunities, but that his agent blocked all the attempts, “I think that Botas [Adrian’s agent] is capable of anything, I just think of he did with Piscu. He rejected a four-year contract with Depor, and now he is without a club. We offered the renewal to Adrian in one thousand opportunities, without exaggerating we have been trying within the last three years, but since the first moment his idea was to not renew his contract.”

About new signings; he confirmed that four or five more signings are still pending, and that one of those arrivals will be a goalkeeper, “Yes, there are no changes from yesterday; we still working in the arrival of new players, and it could happen at any moment, today, tomorrow or the day after, or maybe we need to wait for next week. We are working with several players and can’t fix a date for the activities. Sometimes things seem done and later are broken up, and in others things that are green turn to be okay.”

Asked if the club is going to spend some money in the arrival of the so-wished striker, he said that, “We are working in three or four positions, and I can’t tell you where we are going to invest the money, though it’s true that the goal is expensive.” Asked if this attacker is Xisco, he responded that, “Xisco is pending in coming; he wants to return and we want him, but we are pending on the decision of a third party.”

Finally, he complained, once again, of the reinforcements at the clubs under the bankruptcy law, “It seems that a big signing is planned at a club in bankruptcy and the situation is laughable, because they aren’t paying the debt with other clubs and are now making signings. If you owe money to all the clubs and then you are making signings, where do they get the money? They are talking of a transfer for 2.5 million Euros for a player coming from the B squad of a big club.”



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