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15 May 2006
The wings of change have started to appear in Deportivo, the same Caparr??s admitted that the club is preparing several changes in next season's squad. For the moment three exits have been confirmed: Molina, Romero and C?©sar. More could come in the next days.

Yesterday was the last day in which Deportivo trained at Abegondo, today the team will play a friendly game with Celta in Bala?­dos and after that, the vacations will start. Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s visited the press room after the session and anticipated what will happen during the summer: "We will open the window in order to bring fresh air to this club. Maybe the players that we will sign aren't famous, because we don't have the money to pay big buyout clauses, but we will bring ambitious and compromised players, hungry people that want titles."

The Sevillan coach also admitted that C?©sar and Romero will not be renovated, he wanted to give the thanks to both players: "I want to make a standing ovation for two players that wrote one of the most brilliant pages in the history of Deportivo, they are C?©sar and Enrique Romero. I believe that everybody should be thankful to them. I was lucky to have these two professional with me."

Caparr??s also anticipated that the fans could find surprises during the next days, this was referred to the possible exit of players from Deportivo: "There are football players that have expended several years in the club, maybe they don't fit into our new project, the president already knows about this. Maybe the people would be surprised, but the fans must judge us at the end. For the moment these men are negotiating their exit with the club�.

Finally the Utrera-born coach talked about the new project that he is building with Depor's officials: "I'm involved on it. The president has a report of the things that I want, we all agree because the club must open the door and get fresh air. Everybody must breathe illusion, but we must breathe illusion with facts."

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