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03 Jul 2011
The Deportivo’s squad for the season 2011/12 is taking shape; two weeks before the start of the pre-season and it can be said that the 70% of the team is already done. For now the key positions to reinforce are a new striker and a new keeper.

The season 2010/11 officially ended on Thursday and the players ending contract are no longer attached to their ‘old’ clubs. In the case of Deportivo thirteen men are saying good-bye: goalkeeper Manu, defenders Lopo and Rindaroy, midfielders Juan Rodriguez, Antonio Tomás, Michel and Juca, wingers, Javito, Urreta and Desmarets plus strikers Sand, Xisco and Adrian.

Adrian still a pending case, because Depor wants to renew his contract through a clause in the document that has just expired, but the player is refusing as he wants to go to Atletico Madrid. The case will be handled by a judge and could take some months; the Asturian striker might even live a similar case than Piscu, defender that spent six months without been able to play due to the same conflict.

Taking in mind the three signings already announced, the Deportivo’s squad for the new season is currently composed by these twenty-two players:
Goalkeeper: Aranzubia
Defenders: Manuel Pablo, Laure, Ze Castro, Colotto, Rochela, Aythami, Morel and Ayoze
Midfielders: Juan Dominguez, Alex Bergantiños, Rubén Pérez, Jesús Vázquez, Pablo Álvarez, Saúl, Valerón, Iván Pérez, Salomão and Guardado.
Strikers: Riki, Lassad and Bodipo

The zone that’s already covered is the defense, there are two right-backs, two left-backs and four central defenders, which means two men per position, exactly what new coach José Luis Oltra wants. A new arrival for this zone will only be possible if first a player leaves. In recent hours it has been commented that Claudio Morel is at the door out, but Depor still has Raul Garcia, who isn’t part of the list as he will be inscribed as a B team player.

Raul will make the pre-season with the first-team and will be the main benefited from the exit of the Paraguayan defender. Another exit could be Diego Colotto, but first Lendoiro will negotiate a renewal and both sides seems willing to sign a new agreement. If the extension is not possible, then Depor’s president will consider putting the player at the market.

Another youngster of Fabril that will make the pre-season stage with the first team is right-back Diego Seoane; he seems to have little options of staying as Manuel Pablo and Laure are beyond in the preferences of Oltra, so all appoints that he will be loaned out.

Other position already covered is the centre of midfield, the arrival of Jesús Vázquez is filling the space as Álex Bergantiños is returning from his loan at Gimnástic Tarragona. The right wing is also already covered as Saúl and Pablo Álvarez are staying at the team.

The rest of positions still have some gaps to fill; right now the main needs are a new goalkeeper and the so-wished top-scorer. At his point Lendoiro is searching for a back-up for Daniel Aranzubia, while the attacking line is only composed by Riki and Lassad. Bodipo will leave and Lendoiro is wishing to have a new loan deal with Newcastle United for Xisco, but it will be pretty difficult.

The left wing is pending on the exit of Andrés Guardado, who currently is the only player at the market. Lendoiro already said that he will hire another new player for this position [apart from Salomão], but first he will close the sale of the Mexican international. There’s a small change that Guardado could stay, but first he must accept a renewal offer [he ends his contract in 2012] and option that seems difficult to happen.

Finally, Valerón and Iván Pérez are currently the two playmakers at the team, but Pérez was already invited to search for another team as Oltra doesn’t count with him. But this future exit doesn’t mean that the club will hire a player for this position, because Oltra will test Juan Carlos Real during the pre-season. In the end it can be said that the 70% of the team wanted by Oltra is already completed.



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