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05 Jul 2011
Valerón talked with Canarian newspaper Canarias 7; he talked of his motivation towards the next Segunda season, also of his return to Las Palmas in order to face his former club.

Definitely Juan Carlos Valerón is a source of inspiration for Deportivo; recently he talked to Canarian newspaper Canarias 7 and analyzed his present and the one of the Galician club. His mature words are always noticed by the media, and should be a reference for the rest of the players.

He starting talking of Depor’s goals at Segunda División, “Until we don’t achieve the promotion we will still have a pending issue; but I can’t deny the good moments that I spent there; unforgettable moments, fantastic things, including clinching titles and moments with the Spanish national team, now we must face the reality and we will do it.”

Later, Valerón assured that he always knew that his desire was to continue his career as a player, “Before suffering the relegation I already had decided to continue at Deportivo. And sincerely, I didn’t have any doubt after the match against Valencia. I have a long contract, my will of enjoying football still intact and the challenge for all the players wearing the shirt of Deportivo is to achieve the promotion. We assume the pressure, because we will be like the Barcelona or the Milan of the league. Everybody will come out for us.”

The Canarian playmaker assured that he never thought of leaving after his team suffered the relegation, “Everybody loves to play at the highest level, but I feel identified with Deportivo and I will keep enjoying of football. I must help Deportivo and with that idea in mind I will work at the top since the first day. It is a matter of responsibilities. I told Manuel Pablo that we had to stay, because the fans at the Riazor deserve to return to the place that they lost. We must achieve it with humility, sacrifice and hope.”

“Nobody reproached anything after the relegation. There were no complains. And that means a lot in a so complicated world like football. It is something touching your heart. If it’s possible it gave us more strength in order to face next season. I still have the strength to do many things. Until this day, I am not thinking of retiring. I want to enjoy the present.” He added.

Finally, Valerón was talking of the meeting against his former club, UD Las Palmas, club where he began his career as a footballer, “Surely it will be a date to look at the calendar, a least by my side. I don’t know if it will be weird. But it isn’t habitual for me. Anyway, we must try to win and later hope that UD will add the rest of the points. I will sign to see both of us achieving the promotion to Primera.”



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