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07 Jul 2011
The soap opera with Adrian continues; Deportivo has called the striker for next week, but he is refusing to join the trainings as he argues that he hasn’t been paid.

The case with striker Adrián López might be close to reach an end, but the controversy will continue for a long time as the positions of both sides are so distant that the daily accusations read in the papers invites to think of this case as a real scandal.

All started at the end of the past season as Deportivo tried to use an agreement between the Spanish federation (RFEF) and the Players Association (AFE) in order to renew the contract of the player lasting until June 30. At the beginning the player had a passive attitude, but with the pass of the days his agent, Eugenio Botas, who is an enemy of Lendoiro after insulting him during a dinner and that’s has been described as ‘unscrupulous’, started to complain of the move.

What happened is that Botas was trying to take the Asturian striker outside of Deportivo at any cost, and his performance on last season, despite the relegation of Depor, plus his performance in the last UEFA U-21 Championship called the attention of several clubs, starting with Atletico Madrid, club that already have an agreement with the player.

But Lendoiro is not giving up and already complained in public about the move and is promising to fight until the end in order to keep the player or at least receive some money for him; the case was analyzed by the RFEF and the AFE, but no agreement was reached. In the end the case will be resolved by a referee, Miguel Cardenal, who will probably give a final resolution on next week.

Meanwhile, Botas is not shouting up and his last move was to denounce in public the fact that Adrian hasn’t been paid, reason that would cancel the option to extend his contract. But it looks more like a strategy to discredit Deportivo than a reality. The club already sent an official fax to the player telling him that all the payments owe to him were already completed.  At the same time Depor is calling Adrian to join the trainings on next Thursday, but Botas already said that the Asturian won’t travel to La Coruña.

On Wednesday, Lendoiro was in Madrid attending to the draw of the calendar, and said that he’s still pending on a call from Atletico Madrid in order to start a negotiation, “Until this point the interest of Atletico in the player has only came to us by the papers. We hope that Atletico will try t solve this case as any other normal club does.”



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