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26 Jul 2011
The agent of Andrés Guardado is in La Coruña meeting the possible offers for the winger; meanwhile the player has been pushed by the fans as they still accusing him for a lack of commitment.

Tense days for Andrés Guardado; there are no offers for him and part of the fans are losing the patience. It is pretty clear that Deportivo wants to collect money with his departure, even president Lendoiro has admitted that he is the only player of the club that’s currently at the transfer market.

But it doesn’t mean that Depor’s boss will easily allow his exit; it has been commented that Lendoiro wants to at least collect €8 million in the operation, but until this point the club has just received a €5.5 million coming from Sporting Clube de Portugal, which was rejected.

The agent of the winger, Mario Ordiales, is in La Coruña and apparently was having a meeting with Lendoiro on last night; it has been rumoured that he could be presenting an offer, it is also commented that Depor’s boss will tell Ordiales that in case of not receiving an interesting offer, then the winger will stay despite his contract ends in June of 2012.

In the meantime Guardado is feeling the pressure coming from the fans, or at least from the Riazor Blues; on Sunday’s meeting with Racing Vilalbés he was constantly whistled by this group an even hear some chants asking for his exit. People is upset, because they think that he isn’t committed with the cause and is only thinking of joining another club.



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