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28 Jul 2011
The whistles and insults heard during last Sunday’s game against Racing Vilalbés were the straw that broke the camel's, for this reason Guardado broke his silence, while Lendoiro said that the Mexican doesn’t want to renew his contract.

Andrés Guardado joined Deportivo’s pre-season during the past week, at the time the club ordered him to maintain silence as the Mexican is the only Depor’s player that was officially at the transfer market. The reason was that the club’s officials wanted to avoid speculations and to release the pressure over the Mexican winger.

But the medicine was worse than the disease and the player had to break his silence on Wednesday, all after he was insulted and whistled by the Riazor Blues during the friendly match against Racing Vilalbés. What happens was that the fans were unhappy as the agent of the winger, Mario Ordiales, had said some weeks ago that “Guardado doesn’t belong to Segunda División.”

So, the ex-Atlas man had a lot of things to say and asked the club’s officials for permission in order to give a press conference, which took place at the Playa Club after the presentation of Lux. It must be said that it was a big surprise for the reporters, because it was announced during the day that the Jesús Vázquez was going to give the press conference [Usually, the spokesman of the club, Rafa Carpacho, choose who will speak to reporters and announces it one day before the event]

 “I should have talked a long time ago. People have disrespected me, and there is no firm reason to it. It hurt me. I never said that I wanted to leave and neither that I would have any problem playing at Segunda. I have no problem staying at Deportivo." Guardado said at the beginning of his press conference.

Later he was firing against the journalism for what happened on Sunday, “All this soap opera was built up by you, the mass media. The club and you [the reporters have provoked this situation. The club wants to collect some money, because their economic interest is stronger than the sporting view. “

He was also referring to his agent for his past words, “Now I can only ask for apologies to all the fans that felt offended. But it is his way of looking at things, because he believes that I can be at other club. It isn’t the first time in which an agent says a thing that doesn’t match the feelings of a player.”

Finally, Guardado was confirming that there is no fresh news on his possible exit, “People have talked a lot of several teams, but there’s nothing. There isn’t any offer. Nobody is matching the expectations of Depor, and I neither want to put pressure in order to find an exit, actually I can tell you that I am feeling pretty comfortable at the club. Let’s just hope that we could find something good out there, and if not, then the club and I will be very happy.”

But if Guardado was blaming the club for what it happened, later the president of Depor was saying that the player is the one that doesn’t want to renew his contract. During the presentation of new signing Bruno Gama, president Augusto César Lendoiro was explaining that Guardado is in the market as he didn’t want to extend his link with Deportivo, “Within the last months we have tried to renew the contract of Guardado, but since Mario Ordiales didn’t want it then the club decided to start the negotiations in order to realize about the possibility for a transfer. It isn’t because the club wanted to get rid of Guardado, but because the player, through his agent, has told us that he doesn’t want to renew.”

“What the club has done until now is to hear the propositions, so far there are no convincing offers, and now we have to wait, just as we would be waiting if the player would have agreed to extend his contract. What we are trying to do is, if it’s possible, to recover part, or the full amount, of what we have paid for him.” The president added.



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