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01 Aug 2011
Deportivo is at the halfway mark of the pre-season; new coach Oltra has mixed the physical preparation with the tactical work, while the team has faced the first friendly games against modest clubs from the lower leagues.

Oltra’s Deportivo has ended its third week of trainings and now it’s only three weeks away from the debut at Liga Adelante 2011/12. So far the strategy of Depor’s new coach has been to mix the physical preparation with the tactical work ahead of the new campaign.

The first week was marked by the tactical work at Abegondo; since the first sessions Oltra emphasized that the goal is to have the ball possession during the matches, while he also put the base for the physical endurance.

In the second week, the team traveled to Vilalba and Oltra introduced other factors into the tactical preparation, starting with the set-pieces. In this phase the Valencian coach also combined the normal trainings with relaxation sessions and the team played its first friendly matches. More specifically, Depor played two games: 3-0 at CF Viveiro and 5-1 at RC Villalbés.

The third week marked the return to Abegondo and it has been the most intense week on the pre-season, because the training sessions have been tougher for the players. Oltra is a coach that likes to have shorter training sessions compared to Lotina (less than an hour), but on the past week the physical work was harder for the players; not in terms of time spent over the grass, but for the intensity in the exercises. Depor also played two friendly games in the period: 7-0 at SD Negreira and 3-0 at CD As Pontes.

Now, the fourth week on the pre-season starts today and will be marked by the fact that it will be the period with more friendly games: three. Also that the rivals will be more demanding. Until now Depor has been facing Galician rivals from the modest leagues. And on this week it will first face two of the candidates for the promotion at Segunda División B: CD Lugo (August 2) and Real Oviedo (August 4).

And the week will end with the first meeting against a Primera rival: Rayo Vallecano (August 6), Madrilenian club that’s returning to the elite in Spanish football after eight years between Segunda and Segunda B. Surely a serious exam for Deportivo two weeks before debuting at Liga Adelante.

In the fifth week of the pre-season, the Galician club will face two more friendly games, the first will be against Tercera Rival Racing de Ferrol (August 10) and the biggest event will be the Teresa Herrera tournament against Sevilla CF (August 14); without doubt the most demanding exam for Oltra’s team one week before starting the campaign at Segunda.



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