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01 Aug 2011
One conclusion can be extracted from the friendly matches played so far: Oltra is pointing out to the 4-2-3-1 as his main tactic ahead of the Segunda season.

The true is that the four friendly matches played so far on the pre-season haven’t been demanding tests for a team that still trying to define its style in order to face the challenge of Liga Adelante. The four rivals (Viveiro, RC Villalbés, SD Negreira and 3-0 CD As Pontes) barely disturbed the tactical work on the pitch and for that reasons it is hard to obtain conclusions.

Coach José Luis Oltra was aware of it since the beginning, and instead of searching for alternative formations he preferred to squeeze the resources of the team in order to explore and expand the possibilities of the traditional 4-2-3-1.

The weak point of the team still located in attack and Oltra has tested some variants during the friendly matches; more specifically he has tested side defenders Laure, Ayoze and Morel as wingers, while wingers like Pablo Álvarez and Saul has been tested as playmakers. Even Pablo Álvarez was tested as central attacker in the last match with As Pontes.

These ‘experiments’ doesn’t mean that Oltra is thinking in making radical changes, instead it should be understand as minor tests trying to discover alternative solutions for some specific moments during the matches. Actually, it was pretty clear that Deportivo looked more dangerous when Valerón, Riki, Guardado, Saúl, Pablo Álvarez plus new signings Salomão and Bruno Gama were playing at their natural positions.

At defense things are almost the same compared to last season, perhaps the only question still to be resolved is who will claim the spot of Lopo after his departure during the summer. Aythami and Ze Castro are the two players fighting for the spot.  Meanwhile, Ayoze is clearly taking the starting role at the left side.

At midfield the only thing for granted is that Jesús Vázquez will have a starting role at the team, his partner for the pivote functions is unsure. Rubén Pérez is at the door out and Oltra has been testing with Juan Carlos performing there; the player from Fabril is the youngster with more chances of staying for the Segunda season, something already recognized by Oltra.



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