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02 Aug 2011
Last season was a nightmare for Deportivo in terms of injury cases; practically the entire team was at least out for one official game due to a physical problem. Now the coaching staff wants to surpass this problem.

One of the reasons that explain the relegation suffered on last season was the constant physical problems suffered by the players. Men that should have been important like Michel, Urreta, Riki and Guardado spent more time at the injury room than at the pitch, and former coach Miguel Ángel Lotina had big problems to build up his teams for the games.

There were even occasions in which he missed up to seven players for one single match, which clearly helps to explain, partially, the disastrous performance on the past liga edition. At the time physical trainer Eduardo Dominguez was hardly criticized as it was understood that he didn’t foresee the problem, mainly as the injuries of players like Riki and Guardado were repetitive.

No, with José Luis Oltra aboard, the responsibility of avoiding the errors from the past relies on Jose Ángel Franganillo and also on second coach Chema Sanz, who is also a former physical coach.

They are the ones responsibly of designing the strategy to prevent injuries, which will surely occur, as it always happen at any team, but that must be reduced in order to avoid a direct hit in the performance of a team that wants to fight for the promotion.

For the moment there are mixed news about this issue; Riki, who had countless problems on last season, seems now on shape after starting the pre-season before the rest of the players. But, meanwhile, Lassad Nouioui, who surpassed his hamstring problems on the past campaign, is once again having the same kind of injury, which forced him to miss the last friendly match.

Another case to be worried is Juan Dominguez; the Galician midfielder suffered a quadriceps injury during a training session and will probably be out for the next two weeks, which means that he is missing the rest of the pre-season. It is a hard hit for a young player that was trying to earn, once and for all, a spot at the starting team of Depor.

The third injury case suffered during the pre-season is Ze Castro; the Portuguese central defender is dragging an Achilles problems since the past week and he already missed the game with As Pontes, but it is considered as a minor case. However, the ex-Atletico had several muscular problems within the last two seasons, reason why the coaching staff must be alert with him.



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