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18 May 2006
Scaloni is furious with Caparr??s. The Argentinean midfielder talked on the Galician radio a few days ago, and he criticised the attitude of the Sevillan coach since he thinks that the club hasn't been honest with him. The same player admitted that his future is in England.

Lionel Scaloni talked on Radio Voz and he discharged his frustration with Depor's officials: "Everyone knows that some people there don't want me to continue in the club. I am very upset because nobody has spoken with me face to face: Lionel, Caparr??s doesn't count on you, please try to search for another club. "

The ex-captain didn't expect that the situation that he saw with other players would be the same for him: "Everybody was saying that the players leaving Deportivo were doing it through the back door,  I always said that it won't happen with me. Now I am in that situation and it's incredible." Once again the Argentinean discharged his fury with the club's officials: "The coach has the right to like me or not, but I know that he doesn't count on me because of other people comments, a German club called me in order to present me an offer when I didn't know that I was in the market. After all these years in the club, I deserve some honesty."

Caparr??s was also the object of his attacks: "He has changed the system of the club a lot, now he is the one that gives the orders. Before it was Lendoiro the one saying: no, Scaloni stays because the fans want him. I am OK with the new system, but he has to talk with me. I deserve some respect. He said that some players with eight years in the club were too much relaxed. Well, I am the only that has spent the last eight years in the club and I don't think that he is talking about me. In the years that I expended in Primera nobody has promised anything, the first one was Caparr??s and he didn't fulfil his word. The meeting that I had with him was tough, I said to him the things that I had to say."

Scaloni even criticised the decision of leaving Iv??n Carril without contract: "Everybody thinks that Caparr??s is a person that speaks frankly and that upsets me. Iv??n scored a wonderful goal against Espanyol and was needing a few minutes to obtain his professional contract, but he didn't play although V?­ctor was suspended for the last match. I don't like to talk about this situations, but what happened? people don't talk about it and that upsets me because the boy deserves it. Caparr??s said that he (Carril) has to win his contract, didn't he do it with his goal against Espanyol and the assistance that he put on Trist??n's head?"

Now the Argentinean player believes that his future is away from Deportivo. "They won't make their day with me, because it isn't the same to sign Scaloni for his wonderful performances than to do it just because the coach doesn't want him. So if they want to negotiate, I will be the one that will decide although Depor owns my rights. West Ham will present an offer to Depor, they want me to continue in their squad."

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