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09 Aug 2011
The seven friendly matches played in the pre-season have helped coach Oltra to define the starting eleven for the regular season. So far, his only doubt seems to be at midfield as he still searching the partner for Jesús Vázquez.

Many people believe that the friendly matches played by Deportivo on the pre-season haven’t been useful as the rivals didn’t represent a convincing exam for the Galician team. But coach José Luis Oltra has squeezed these matches in order to define the starting squad that he wants for the regular season, and so far he has already decided ten of the eleven spots at the team.

It is true it that, in all the matches of the pre-season, Oltra has at least made ten substitutions, but clearly the Valencian coach has found a starting eleven for la liga, which will have its biggest test on Sunday as Deportivo faces the Teresa Herrera tournament against Sevilla CF. About the scheme, clearly Oltra is relying in the traditional 4-2-3-1, draw that has been used in all the seven matches disputed during the pre-season.

Dani Aranzubia will continue to be the starting goalie, with German Lux as the backup; the novelty is that Oltra has found in Marc Martinez a solid replacement in case of emergency. The defensive line is also clear. Manuel Pablo is winning the battle against Laure at the right-back spot, Ayoze is the undisputed starter on the left, while Aythami is making a step forward claiming the spot of Lopo alongside Colotto.

The biggest doubt is at the centre of midfield, Jesús Vázquez has gained in just one month one of the two starting spots, but Oltra hasn’t decided yet who should be his partner. For the past game with Rayo Vallecano the role was for Álex Bergantińos, but the presence of Rubén Pérez can’t be discarded, though it isn’t known yet if the Andalusian will stay at the club; even Juan Carlos as a chance as he left a positive impression in past matches.

Another new arrival that has earned a spot after a few days at Depor is Bruno Gama, the Portuguese is now the main choice for the right wing, but the good pre-season of Saul has been also noticed, so Oltra has variants on this flank. Guardado continues to be the main choice for the left as Salomăo still adapting to the club.

Veteran Juan Carlos Valerón is appointed to be the undisputed starter on the playmaking function, and Riki is ready to leave the shadow of the injuries and claim the spot at the centre of the attack, though it’s also true it that Oltra is waiting for a new striker for the coming days.



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