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12 Aug 2011
Depor’s goalkeeper gave a press conference and said that there are no offers for him, so he thinks that he won’t leave the club. Also, Aranzubia confirmed that he is fit to play against Sevilla.

There were some concerns at Deportivo as both Daniel Aranzubia and German Lux have been dragging some physical problems that prevented them to play the last friendly matches, but Aranzubia explained to reporters during a press conference that now he is fit to play in the Teresa Herrera against Sevilla, “Yes, I have trained with normality; I felt fine and I have completed the session with the rest of the team and at the beginning I am fit to play.”

But the reason why Aranzubia wanted to talk with reporters was to explain his situation after the endless rumours pointing out that he was close to leave Deportivo. The keeper assured that there are no offers for him, though he was admitting that nothing is for granted until the market closes its doors, “I believe that my future is to stay on here, but you never know what could happen until the closing of the market. As it has happened in past years anything can happen until August 30, but if you ask me, I see myself at Deportivo.”

“The only thing that will force me to move out of here is an irresistible offer for the club, but I see it difficult to occur. It isn’t a matter of what we want, because on here the president is the boss and we must follow his orders.” He added.

Later the Rioja-born player was saying that he feels compromised to achieve the promotion, “After all the time that I spent here, I’m felling the obligation to achieve the promotion. My mind is focused on that goal. I feel filled with the love coming from the fans, and that’s why I feel the obligation to achieve the goal of the promotion. We hope to reach Primera División.”

But Aranzubia was warning that it won’t be an easy task for Deportivo, “We won’t win the games just for been Deportivo, and neither for having Valerón, Riki or Aranzubia. We saw it yesterday as we faced difficulties to achieve a draw against [Racing] Ferrol. It is a complicate league. I never played on this league as I saw it from the outside, but several people point out that it is tough.”

Finally, Aranzubia was saying that the coming meeting with Sevilla FC will be a good exam to measure the real level of Deportivo, “Sevilla is an important team and surely it’s an important test in order to measure the momentum of our team, it will mark our level at this point.”



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