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19 Aug 2011
The blackout in la liga starts today, but Depor’s players will join the strike until tomorrow. Meanwhile, matchday 01 has been moved to December and, if the strike is lifted, the liga tournament will start from matchday 02.

The fifth liga strike in Spain starts today as the Players Association (AFE) called all their members to avoid the training sessions and any kind of football match scheduled between Friday and Monday. But the strike at Deportivo will only cover two days as the players decided to train on Friday and Monday and to rest in the weekend.

It was a decision taken by the players as captain Manuel Pablo explained it to reporters at Abegondo, “We all talked and we neither wanted to stop training; we will have a short break, but will train tomorrow and then we will join the strike for the weekend, but will return on Monday. We talked with other clubs, and some are stopping for two, three or even four days. We talked with the other players at the team and decided to just stop for the weekend.”

“Neither we think that any team will lose the shape for stopping four days, but we prefer to work on Friday and Monday. I hope that the issues can be solved soon and that we could be able to play on next weekend, right now things are difficult and let’s hope that things will be solved.” The Canarian side defender added.

The first team trained on Thursday’s morning at Abegondo; it was a strong physical session in which Saul and Bruno Gama remained out due to injury reasons. There will be a training session on Friday (10h30 CET) and then the squad will rest until Monday (Abegondo, 10h30 CET). In the end it won’t be possible to play the friendly match that the club was trying to arrange.

On Thursday the Spanish federation and la liga decided to schedule matchday 01 for December 27 and 28, this since there’s an article in the rules saying that all the games of the first round must be played before the second begins; the problem is that those dates were considered as part of the vacations period of the players and so far it isn’t know if they will accept the resolution. Anyway, the plan of la liga is to just rescheduled matchday 01 and to follow the rest of the calendar according to the initial draw.

Now, the plan is to start the tournaments at Primera and Segunda División from matchday 02, which means that Depor would debut at Segunda hosting Recreativo de Huelva at the Riazor (August 27, 18h00 CET). But first the AFE must lift the strike, and for this they need to approach their position with la liga. There is a meeting scheduled for today and other two for Saturday and Monday. It is expected that both parties could reach an agreement and that la liga could start on next weekend.



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