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26 Aug 2011
The blackout is gone; now Deportivo is prepared to debut at Segunda. Bruno Gama and Borja are the only casualties for the match, while Recreativo has several difficulties, including problems to inscribe its singings.

The players’ strike has been finally lifted and the Primera and Segunda tournaments are ready to begin, the strange thing is that the league will start at matchday 02, which means that Deportivo will host Recreativo de Huelva on Saturday (18h00 CET).

The true is that the situation still chaotic as the visiting clubs are planning their trips until the last minute, even La Liga had to replace some of the referees as they were unable to find plane tickets; Recreativo was expecting to travel by plane, but their ticket reservations expired on Tuesday and now they are covering the 1,006 km separating Huelva and La Coruña in a bus trip. They begun the journey on Wednesday and will arrive on Friday after making a stop in Portugal.

At Deportivo, the only confirmed casualties at the team are winger Bruno Gama and centre midfielder Borja Fernandez, the Portuguese is discarded due to a groin injury, while the Galician will be out for another two weeks after passing through a groin surgery. But centre midfielder Juan Dominguez (muscular) and winger Saul Fernandez (hamstring) are already recovered from their problems and might be picked for Saturday’s game, though probably they won’t be starters.

For the moment Oltra hasn’t tested yet any lineup for the clash, instead he was emphasizing the set-pieces during Thursday’s training session. Xisco didn’t end Wednesday training after suffering an ankle blow, but the Majorcan was already fine on the next day and should be fit for Saturday’s clash.

At Recreativo, the problems go beyond the strike. The Andalusian club is currently on administration and the financial difficulties are endless. They have made nine signings so far, including ex-Depor keeper Manu, but they already spent €3 million on the wages of the new incorporations, which was the top amount established by the legal administrators of the club, this according to the budget that was approved as part of the bankruptcy agreement.

As result of this situation, three of the nine signings were inscribed until Wednesday: defender Héctor Font, centre midfielder Willians Soares and right-back defender Ximo Navarro; in the end only Navarro is part of the list of players traveling to La Coruña. Anyway, the club needs to recollect one million Euros before the end of the month in order to close the gap, and the solution is an increase of the club’s capital, something that should be covered by the local government in Huelva.

At the same time new coach Álvaro Cervera is searching for a new striker and still trying to get rid of the players that he doesn’t want at his team. In other words he still is trying to put together all the pieces at his squad. If this isn’t enough, side defender Daniel Cifuentes (nose fracture), central defender Andrés Lamas (knee ligaments) and young striker Miguel Muñiz Fernández ‘Miguelito’ (torn knee) are all out due to injury reasons.



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