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21 May 2006
A lot has been talked about the new project that coach Caparr??s and the club's officials are trying to build. Several names have been appointed as possible reinforcements and at the same time, a list of discards seems to be already written. However, everything is just a speculation, the only thing known at this point is that president Lendoiro will have to be fast, because he only has 60 days in order to fulfil the job.

The club already confirmed that the pre-season will be made in Isla Canela, a place located in Huelva (Andaluc?a). It will be the first time since the last return to Primera that Depor prepares the regular season away from Galicia. The players will have to arrive to La Coru?a on July 12th, between this day and July 14th, everyone will have to pass trough the medical test. On July 15th the team will start to work in Abegondo. Finally the moment of truth will occur on July 22nd, on that day Depor will travel to isla Canela in order to start the pre-season.

That can be considered as a key date, because the club's officials want to have defined the squad before to this moment. That means that Deportivo needs to fulfil the desired exits and incorporations in a time period of 60 days. Definitely, a busy summer for Lendoiro.

For the moment it has been speculated that coach Caparr??s has a list of 14 names that he wants to maintain in the squad: H?ctor, Manuel Pablo, Capdevila, Juanma, Coloccini, Andrade, Munitis, Valer??n, Iago, De Guzm??n, Duscher, Sergio and Arizmendi. The last name on this list is Dani Mallo, the Galician keeper ends his contract in June and for the moment it isn't known if Lendoiro will offer him an extension. Taking this list in mind, its possible to speculate what are the priorities that the club will try to sign in the summer market:

GOALKEEPERS: The exit of Molina has caused a hole that the club wants to cover, it's one of the priorities in the club and the list of candidates for the job is bigger each day. In the beginning Depor wants to incorporate a keeper that's ending contract with his current club, that's why names like Riesgo and Bizarri were mentioned, but lately other options were studied: Dudu Aouate, Carlos Kameni, and Roberto Fern??ndez.

Aouate was offered to the Galician club in the past season, he is from Israel and has a French passport. The club is impressed with the work that he has done in Racing and would cost less than Kameni; the cost of the Espanyol's goalkeeper has been estimated at €6 million. Roberto is the keeper of Sporting Gij??n and the club has a good report of him and the price asked by Sporting could reach only €1 million.

DEFENDERS: Since Caparr??s isn't changing too much of his current defensive line, the names mentioned are only a few, more precisely Albert Lopo and Alexis. Both are central defenders and if Lendoiro decides to sell Andrade or Coloccini, both could join the club. For the moment it's expected that Lopo will announce his arrival to La Coru?a on Thursday, while the option of Alexis still to be a choice to keep in mind. The exit of Romero is also causing a search for a new alternative to Capdevila, but for the moment no names have been reported by the Spanish media.

MIDFIELDERS: The priorities are to sign a defensive midfielder and more wingers. Juan Rodr?guez and Pablo ?lvarez are almost done, and the club is searching for more options. The last names mentioned by the media are Guayre (Villarreal) and Jordi L??pez (Sevilla). The option of Guayre seems to be more interesting since he is ending his contract and would come for free in order to alternate his position between the centre and the right wing. Jordi L??pez is a defensive midfielder that Caparr??s has recommended. The price that Depor will have to pay for his transfer hasn't been reported yet.

Other options that still are on target are Nene and Juan Arango. Both players are desired for their multifunctional skills, but the main problem is the high price that their teams are asking. Nene would cost €5 million and Arango €8 million; amounts that are difficult to recollect these days.

STRIKERS: Maybe it is where the interest of the fans is concentrated.  The list of names is endless. Uche, Nino, Riki and Yuri are the names more mentioned in the papers. The last addition to this list is Bodipo. Sportpaper Marca wrote that the Alav?s' striker is on the list of petitions made by Caparr??s. The Sevillan trainer knows him since he was at Recreativo during the season 1998/99 and could come in a operation that includes an exchange of players and the incorporation of Nen? to Depor.

At the moment its possible to say that nothing has been done yet and that everything is just a speculation. The club is still working to define who will arrive and who will leave the club. The only thing that can be assured is that president Lendoiro has 60 days in order to build a new team, the new era that he wants for Deportivo.

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