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01 Sep 2011
Late at night president Lendoiro closed the composition of the team for the season 2011/12; the only big news were the exits of Rubén Pérez and Iván Pérez, while Guardado and the other discarded players are staying at the team.

President Augusto César Lendoiro is well known for been an “expert” in beat-the-deadline deals during the transfer windows; and this time he proved it once again as the closed the exit of Rubén Pérez and Iván Pérez Maceiras within the last thirty minutes before the final bell. Both moves reduced the number of players at the first team to 25, though three of them were inscribed as B team players.

The deal that was cancelled first was the one of Ruben Pérez, he arrived to Plaza de Pontevedra at 11PM.  It isn’t known yet how much Depor is cashing in order to cancel the loan deal with Atletico Madrid, though it was commented that the Galician club will receive money in case of a future transfer.

Meanwhile, the final move made during the night was the exit of Iván Pérez, he arrived to Plaza de Pontevedra just thirty minutes after Rubén, and then he cancelled his contract. Now he is free to sign for any club as the rules in Spain allow the inscription of free agents at any time.

About the players staying, throughout the day it was also informed that Russian club Spartk Moscow had reactivated its interest in winger Andrés Guardado, and that they even presented a new offer, which apparently was accepted by the Galician club. The curious thing is that at midnight Lendoiro confirmed that the offer was coming from England and not from Russia, and that it was Guardado himself who refused the deal, “There was an offer and it wasn’t Spartak, it was coming from England and it was an important proposition, the player didn’t want to go, so there was no agreement.” He said.

Lendoiro didn’t want to mention the name of the club that sent the bid, but later it was known that the club was Leicester City, club that’s coached by former Mexico national team manager Sven-Göran Eriksson, apparently Guardado refused the deal as The Foxes perform at The Championship and not to the Premier League.

Neither the other discarded players at the team found the door out; throughout the day it was commented that Depor was negotiating the loan of Diego Seoane to Segunda B club Cádiz, but the deal vanished and the right-back is staying at the first team. About Morel and Rodolfo Bodipo, both of them didn’t have any offer and neither wanted to cancel their contracts, so they are also staying.

Also, Lendoiro confirmed that the club received some offers coming from players like Aranzubia and Colotto, but that the club refused to negotiate.

In the end the first team of Deportivo is now composed by these 25 players:
Goalkeepers: Aranzubia and Lux
Defenders: Manuel Pablo, Laure, Colotto, Aythami, Rochela, Ze Castro, Morel, Seoane and Ayoze Diaz
Midfielders: Juan Domínguez, Álex Bergantińos, Borja Fernández,  Jesús Vázquez, Valerón, Saúl, Bruno Gama, Pablo Álvarez, Salomăo and Guardado
Strikers: Riki, Xisco, Bodipo and Lassad

Seoane, Juan Dominguez and Rochela, together with keeper Marc Martinez and playmaker Juan Carlos, have been inscribed as B team members, which means that Depor has three empty slots in case of wanting to sign a free agent or even to negotiate new arrivals during the winter window. To explain that Seoane, Juan Dominguez and Rochela won’t play with Fabril as their contracts don’t allow this option, different is the case with Marc and Juan Carlos, duo that will alternate between both teams.

It is considered to be a competitive squad; strong enough to be considered as a serious aspirant for the promotion to Primera; this despite the club lost eleven players compared to the previous season at Primera, though it’s also true that only five of those men were normal starters: Adrian, Lopo, Antonio Tomás, Juan Rodriguez and Rubén Pérez.

Shirt numbers for la liga 2011/12:

1. Aranzubía
2. Manuel Pablo
3. Morel
4. Alex Bergantińos
5. Ze Castro
6. Aythami
7. Saul
8. Lassad
9. Xisco
10. Jesús Vázquez
11. Riki
13. Lux
14. Pablo Álvarez
15. Laure
16. Bruno Gama
17. Ayoze
18. Guardado
19. Colotto
20. Borja
21. Valerón
22. Salomăo
23. Bodipo

Fabril’s players:
26. Marc Martínez
27. Rochela
28. Juan Domínguez
29. Juan Carlos
33. Seoane

At Fabril, the last exit was confirmed on the past Monday: keeper Felipe Ramos, who has been loaned to RCD Mallorca for the season 2011/12. The 23-year-old goalie was signed from Real Madrid Castilla on the past season and Lendoiro was so hopeful with him that he offered a five-year-deal, which is a longest contract compared to the current players at the first team, but his performance was pretty disappointing as he committed several errors that cost goals.

Since a couple of months ago it was rumoured that Felipe and the club were negotiating the cancelation of his contract, but then the possibility of RCD Mallorca was opened and the Madrilenian will try to succeed at the Balearic Islands, a chance that could open new chances for him, without discarding a possible return to La Coruńa. But it won’t be easy, Mallorca has two veteran keepers at the first team: ex-Depor Dudu Aouate and Juan Calatayud, this last one signed a few weeks ago, so all appoints that Felipe will end playing at Mallorca B, team that performs at Segunda División B.




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