14 Sep 2011
Midfielder Jesķs VŠzquez talked to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa; he has earned a spot at the starting team of Oltra thanks to his class and leadership. Now he analyses the start of season for Deportivo.

  A suffered win on Sunday, right?
A: Yes, the match was on track quickly in the first half, before a tough opponent, a team with quality, but then we did suffer, anyway weíre happy, because it is a difficult pitch where many teams are not going to add the points and we did it.

Q: The coach said after the game that you didnít give the ball possession to the rival, but that it was Barca B the side that took it away and that it is a merit of its players.
A: Our idea is to have the ball possession, but in this case the rival didnít let us. We must keep in mind that it is one of the teams that knows better how to control the ball, and we didnít have it, not because we didnít want it, but because the opponent didnít let us. It has a similar philosophy to the first team and itís hard to steal the ball to them, but as any team itís difficult for them to keep the ball possession. I insist that this is our idea and will be the same throughout the year, although we know that is not always going to be like that.

Q: In the second half, Alex and you seemed to be air traffic controllers, you barely saw the ball passing as it always was above your heads.
A: It was difficult because we had to make a great effort defensively and when we stole it then it lasted very little in our feet. It was a game in which we had to suffer and I think the team did it to the end, and we added three very important points.

Q: Just the opposite that happened one week ago against Hercules...
A: Yes. The difference between those matches was in the punch. That's football, ultimately, to reach the area and score the goals, it is what makes you add. We lacked punch against Hercules, but yes we did it in Barcelona. We had four or five opportunities and got three goals. It's something that speaks highly of the team, of our punch. I think offensively we are very good and this game demonstrates it.

Q: After the match we can make a positive or negative analysis, but what remains is the three points.
A: Of course. Against Hťrcules we didnít deserve to lose and we lost. Hence we draw positive conclusions to improve, there are many things because we are just beginning, but what really counts is the three points as we did it in Barcelona, which also gives us confidence.

Q: Despite the suffering, no one complained about the heat, or the injuries, just positive comments towards the rival.
A: Yes. I think there were aspects that could influence, but it was the same for both teams. We have to check on how they were within the final minutes; they were very tired. They are a very similar team to Barcelona, you like to watch them, you like how they play and represent kids with a great future.

Q: There were no complaints, but physical consequences, with several players dragging injuries.
A: It's the negative part, because it isnít normal to have so many injuries in a single match. Nothing good comes out of this, because what we want is that everyone is fine and that we all can contribute. Hopefully these are short-term injuries, I hope they will be back soon.

Q: Now itís time to face the leader, Sabadell, are you surprised?
A: Yes. I think is the surprise in the league. There is always a surprise each year with the teams that are promoted and it seems that Sabadell could be this time, they have achieved three victories. With a spectacular comeback against Cartagena; I guess they will come to the Riazor hopeful and at the top. It will be a hard match, but we must try to take it forward.

Q: You also have two straight victories, with eight goals scored, something that could intimidate the opponents.
A: Of course. At home weíre going to offer a very high level and any side defeating us will do it because it has to be much better than us or, as the day of Hercules, is luckily enough to seize its chances. At home we will only lose a few points and these two results must bring us great confidence for Saturday's game.

Q: And you should be disappointed, because you lose the number 10.
A: Yes, there was a small commotion. I spent two games with the number 20 and we achieved two victories and one with the 10 and we lost, so maybe I'll stay wearing the 20.



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