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23 May 2006
Iv??n Carril could become the second Fabril player that obtains a professional contract after the arrival of coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s. The agent of the youngster and Lendoiro have maintained conversations and a new deal could be signed soon. Meanwhile, Trist??n and V?­ctor seem to have one foot out of Depor.

Yesterday Eladio Pereira (Carril's agent) talked with Lendoiro in order to negotiate the possible ascent of the youngster to the first squad, Iv??n has a contract that stipulates one more year as an amateur player, and the club has the option to give him after this period of time, a professional contract for three additional years. The idea of Lendoiro is to 'erase' the year remaining as amateur and convert him into a professional with a contract of three years. Apparently the only thing left is the approval of Caparr??s.

But according to Pereira the same Caparr??s was the one that proposed this idea to Iv??n Carril: "I hope that this situation will be fulfilled, because Caparr??s talked with the boy during the last day of the season.  The coach told him that he counts on him in the first squad and that the idea will be presented to Lendoiro. Let's hope that he will maintain his criteria."

But Carril's agent didn't want to close the doors to a possible exit from Depor. Lately it has been rumored that Real Madrid and Atl?©tico Madrid were after the player: "In the beginning we will just wait to see what happens. We don't discard an exit because its a normal thing, it depends, if Deportivo doesn't count on him and he continues to be an amateur, and if we receive an offer, it will be good for Deportivo and also for us. During the last year (Real) Madrid and Atl?©tico were interested, but the buyout clause of the player -€5 million- is too high. "

The club's officials are trying to find an exit for Diego Trist??n. The latest thing known is that Depor is exploring the German market. Trist??n's agent didn't want to comment to newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a about this new possibility: "I can't talk about it, I can't do it since the things are happening in one way, and we can't say anything right now."

Another player that seems to be on the way out is V?­ctor, Lendoiro has finally presented a renovation offer to his father, but the Madrilian winger has considered it as 'inadequate'. Yesterday newspaper La Voz De Galicia wrote that Depor's offer expires this Saturday and it seems that an agreement won't be reached. V?­ctor's father said that he's waiting for a new offer, but all appoints that this new proposal won't arrive.

Finally, Dani Mallo continues to wait for Lendoiro's call. The Galician keeper maintains the hope since Caparr??s said to him that he has a place in the next season. Meanwhile the names of Diego L??pez (Real Madrid), Cobe?±o (Real Madrid Castilla), Aouate (Santander), Roberto (Sporting), Caballero (Elche), Moy?? (Mallorca), Calatayud (M??laga) and Kameni (Espanyol) are mentioned as possible signings.

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