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29 Sep 2011
The Riazor Blues published an article criticizing the attitude of the players during the last match in Alcorcón; it’s the first protest coming from the fans during a season in which Depor can only allow a few errors.

The poor impression left by Deportivo in the match in Alcorcón still dragging negative comments from the fans; the latest protest are coming from the Riazor Blues, who among other fans completed a group of 1,000 persons that made an economic sacrifice only to end witnessing the disaster in Santo Domingo. They are upset not because Depor lost, but for the way in which the team played the game.

It’s also an indication of the high expectations towards Deportivo during a season in which anything different to the promotion will be considered as a big failure. This pressure will be following the team throughout the competition and the players must learn to live with it.

The following is a translation of the open letter that the Riazor Blues presented at their website:

Shameful; that’s the best word to define the match played on Saturday by Deportivo in Alcorcón. Facts like the ones saw the other day are enough to make the fans feel disappointed and losing the enthusiasm and desire, important feelings to face the season at Segunda Division.

All week long hearing how difficult this game was going to be, also that it was necessary to go out and bite since minute one, or that we should be careful with Alcorcón, and so on ... to end up on Saturday with an awful and ridiculous 3-0 by minute 16.

A group of 170 fans traveling, waking up at 7 AM to make the trip from A Coruña, intimidated by a couple of police cars (before leaving to Madrid) to intimidate us, because they couldn’t identify all the people that were traveling, as we were criminals, without any reason.

A lot of people had to make a financial sacrifice, because the trip to Alcorcón in bus cost 40 Euros, plus the robbery of 30 Euros for the ticket (long life to the best league in the world!), without considering additional expenses (food, dinner...), Later a 7-hour trip by bus, you arrive with all the hope of the world and the locals are winning 3-0 by minute 16, with your team vanished from the pitch. You end up remembering the matches of last season, for example the game at Getafe and you start thinking. You are in the bus returning to A Coruña, arriving at 4:30 AM, broken after almost twenty-four hours without sleeping, upset thinking that this is a joke or what the hell is going on…

The minimal thing they could do is to apologize, now is time to face the next match, but you can already see the typical excuses and declarations with all kinds of promises; they say that things will change, good intentions (fresh memories from last season), words that are gone with the wind.

Well, where they should talk is on the pitch and no more errors. This team is forced to achieve the promotion or to fight hard in all the league games, you can lose, but you can’t end up making ridicule. We hope things will change in the next game with Guadalajara and that they will wash away the image of the past game, but everybody must understand that, from the first to the last minute, what happened on Saturday can’t happen again.

Forza Depor!

This pressure might be new for some players, but not for experienced coaches like Arsenio Iglesias, the last man that coached Depor to a promotion to Primera; he was advising that, “You will never have an easy promotion; you will always find difficulties and problems throughout the way; the important thing is to not lose the track in a long race like Segunda División. The tournament is just starting and neither the beginning was so bad. “

“What happened at Alcorcón was a bad evening and it can happen to anyone. Those are small stadiums; there is a lot of pressure and they end tie you up; it already happened to Real Madrid, with all the potential that they have. I guess the players will realize that nobody gives anything for free and that it doesn’t matter the name of the rival. We must look forward knowing that the difficulties can only be surpassed with a positive attitude.” He added.



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