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25 May 2006
While a few days back Joaqu?­n Caparr??s seemed to be throwing the towel and leaving Deportivo for coaching Osasuna, it seems as if everything is back to normal now. The enthusiasm for the â€?new projectâ€? seems to be back.

Q: Why did you choose Isla Canela for preparing the pre-season?
A: I already knew that place. It’s the ideal place for preparing the season and that’s why I have chosen it. You have a golf course, beaches and football pitches there, and a very comfortable and nice hotel for athletes.

Q: This pre-season will be a lot different than the previous one.
A: Yes, indeed. We won’t have the Intertoto competition in between like last year, so we can put all our concentration on preparing the league.

Q: How many times did you think of the Intertoto during the season?
A: It’s not my style to keep on thinking about those things that lay well back in the past.

Q: How do you value Depor’s season?
A: I admit that we could have finished higher than the 8th place, but with all the injuries it could have been worse, too. With all that in mind, the season can be considered as acceptable.

Q: Do you think that the amount of injuries was caused by playing the Intertoto early in the season?
A: I don’t think so. Those injuries were injuries that weren’t caused by overexertion. They could very well have happened after just two games as well.

Q: You have to admit that your image has been damaged a bit after the �Osasuna affair�.
A: I don’t really care about my image. I have a lot of confidence in myself as a professional. Images vanish, what really counts is the work you do.

Q: Your early contract renewal during the winter after just a few months in La Coru?±a was like those marriages of 20-year-olds. Wasn’t that too early?
A: No, Lendoiro and I have a good relationship. We are personally totally different, but we have the same goal and vision. I hope that he will be able to contract the players I wish to work with next season.

Q: Which type of players have you asked Lendoiro to buy?
A: We don’t have the money to pay the buy-out clauses. We have to focus on young players with experience in playing in Primera Divisi??n. Young players with a bright future, that should be the new project of Deportivo.

Q: Have you asked for a special player that costs a lot of money.
A: I’m a person of the club. I’m not opposed to selling players for economic reason if it helps to incorporate other new players that will help the club. I haven’t asked for players that cost a lot. I just have to insist on one thing: There are clubs that change into the sixth gear –we have to be intelligent and overtake them.

Q: Do you think that policy will bring back the enthusiasm to the fans?
A: I know that the fans want to see star players, it’s always like that. But you have to have money for buying those players and we don’t have money. I’m convinced that with the players I asked for, we will have a team that will enthusiast the fans. I put my whole confidence into the board’s transfer policy and into our fans that know about our financial limitations.

Q: Do you feel that after all that happened, you still enjoy being at Deportivo?
A: Yes. I hope to have a team that enthusiasts the fans, a team without big names but with other important virtues. I hope that the club can bring those players to La Coru?±a.

Q: Last question. Does or doesn’t Deportivo have promising youngsters?
A: First, there is no need to hurry things up. Those that have played this year are 22 years old and had their first experience in Primera Divisi??n. Iago has played Third Division football at Laracha last season. Those boys aren’t formed like 17-year-olds that occassionally play with the first team and then with the second team until they are complete players. The important thing is to watch out if there are very good young players aged under 17-18 years. Those are the real youngsters. I will take one 16-17 year-old boy to our pre-season camp in Isla Canela, a player that in medium-term could play in the first team.

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