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19 Oct 2011
In the middle of the criticism surrounding Deportivo, it’s possible to identify five problems that are affecting the team’s performance; from the defensive errors to the lack of aim in attack.

Oltra’s Depor is only seventh at the standings, a disappointing outcome as the team is having unexpected problems during this start of season. Some fans were expecting to see the team dominating the Segunda tournament, but instead the team is creating big doubts on its capacity to achieve the promotion to Primera. The following is a list of the five main difficulties that are hitting Deportivo at this moment.

Evidently it’s the first problem of coach Jose Luis Oltra; he started the Segunda season with two men at the injury room, and since then he has at least missed seven players per match, sometimes the Valencian trainer has barely been able to gather the eighteen players for the games. Off course this is a problem that leaves him without tactical alternatives, which complicates the strategy for the meetings.

The main difficulties have been on the wings; the team begun the season with three right wingers and two left wingers, enough to face two competitions, but somehow three of those five men have been out for a while, and with Guardado traveling to play with his national team, Oltra has been forced to switch a side defender to these positions; these emergency solutions clearly affect the performance and therefore the results of the team.

And the most evident problem has been the softness at defense; it was expected that Deportivo was going to be the dominating force during the Segunda games, some goals were expected to be allowed as the defenders were going to have difficulties with the opponent’s counterattack, but no one expected to witness the current bleeding, because Oltra’s team has already conceded twelve goals, which means that Depor has passed from bee the fifth best defensive line at Primera to the seventh worst at Segunda.

Only three goals came in aerial plays or set-pieces, therefore the main problem is that the goals are coming from punctual errors committed by the defenders, only Aythami Artiles has already committed three mistakes that cost three goals, including one in the past game with Gimnástic. Neither Colotto seem as solid as in past seasons.

The side defenders are also having their problems, because six of the twelve goals came after the rival penetrated the defensive wall by the sides, just to remember the first goal at Barcelona B, which came after Ayoze sustained an injury, a problem that distracted the team.

Deportivo is the fifth best offensive line at liga Adelante, with twelve goals in favour, but it doesn’t mean that everything is okay in this department. Actually, the number is a mirage as the Galicians should have scored more goals taking in mind that they had the ball possession in the major part of the games, which leads to have more scoring opportunities.

The problems are that those chances aren’t flowing out as they should, mainly because the game is too static as it depends on Valerón, playmaker that frequently is well marked by the rival. It’s also true thatGuardado and Salomão have been valuable resources to release the pressure from El Flaco, but then it came a second problem, which is the lack of aim from the strikers.

And it’s that Depor’s four strikers are not convincing anyone; Lassad had a promising start scoring four times in the Copa meeting with Girona and twice in the following liga encounter with Barcelona B, but since then he has vanished; just to remember his latest miss against Nastic. Then, neither Xisco nor Riki nor Bodipo have managed to score in la liga. In resume, Valerón is too alone at the centre, Guardado and Salomão are helping to unclog the attack by the sides, but the strikers aren’t seizing their efforts. 

The problems of Deportivo are bigger when the team leaves the Riazor; it seemed that everything was okay as during its first away match the Galicians achieved a suffered, but convincing victory at Barcelona B, but later it showed its worst face in the next two visits, which turned to be the worst matches on the season after Oltra’s Deportivo was humiliated by recently promoted clubs AD Alcorcón (0-4) and CD Alcoyano (0-2).

The coincidence in both games was that Deportivo allowed quick goals in both matches, which shows a lack of concentration at the start of the away games. Later it’s more difficult to search for the equalizer against a confident rival that’s playing at its own backyard.

Some players aren’t offering the level that was expected of them; the Sportpapers are pointing to three men: Lassad, Jesús Vázquez and Aythami Artiles. One man per line, the three of them aren’t convincing with their performance and it has been suggested that they could be replaced in the coming weeks.



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