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28 May 2006
Albert Lopo arrives to La Coru?±a as the first signing of the season. He talked with <i>La Voz de Galicia</i> about his expectations and the reason why he decided to leave Espanyol. The defender also said that he doesn’t want to interfere in the dispute between Espanyol and Depor about the payment asked by the Catalans, but he assured that the fans will be able to see a serious and professional player.

Q: What a busy week that you have lived.
A: When I started the press conference, my voice was shaking. I was really nervous, maybe more than when I signed for Espanyol.

Q: When did you take the decision of leaving your club just to go to the other side of the country?
A: Here (at Espanyol) I have experienced everything, but I believe that I have ended a cycle. The fact of traveling to the other side of Spain is nothing for me, because I will travel with my family. Deportivo is, since the beginning, the club that was more interested in me and for that reason I took this decision.

Q. Any doubts? not even when you realised that Espanyol will play in Europe and Depor won't?
A: No. My decision was made consciously. Of course I will love to play in the UEFA cup, but I think that this year will only be an exception. I hope that we will able to play in Europe in the following year.

Q: Do you know Galicia? and we are not talking about your visits just for football reasons.
A: You have surprised me there, because I don't. Now, I will start to take a look at the city. Some people have told me great things about La Coru?±a.

Q: This year, you played against Depor for the copa del rey, that match happened at the same time as the birth of your son, and also a few days after La Voz announced your signing with Depor. How have you lived those moments?
A: Those were weird days. The fact of having a child marks you a lot. It's also true that the match with Depor happened at the same time. I remember that several eyes were on me, but I wasn't worried about it. I knew that my duty was with Espanyol and I demonstrated to be a professional.

Q: When the news came out, who was the first person to call you?
A: I don't remember, but the thing that I still remember is that Sergio saw the news in the paper, he sent me a message asking me if everything was true.

Q: So, did he know about it?
A: No. I am reserved. A theme like this was only commented with my parents and my family.

Q: You should know that the race for a spot in the starting eleven will be hard.
A: I know that in Depor we have good players in every position and in defence the situation won't be different. But I will fight for a place.

Q: How do you live the fact that Espanyol is at war for you. Do you know that S??nchez Llibre (Espanyol's president) has announced that he will go to court just to get the €6 million asked by the Catalan club?
A: I don’t want to enter into this issue. It's something that both clubs should solve and these thing won't interfere with my arrival to Depor.

Q: How is the Albert Lopo that's arriving to Deportivo?
A: That's a thing that could only be judged by the fans. I can only say that in Riazor you will see a serious and professional player. The rest will be discovered little by little.

Q: And how is the man outside of the pitch?
A: Very normal. I like to be at home with my wife and now with my son. I don't like to go out.

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