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01 Nov 2011
The victory at the Riazor didn’t clear out the doubts surrounding Deportivo; the papers weren’t impressed by the performance of the team and point out that Oltra still a lot to do in order to find the team that everybody wants to see.

La Opinión A Coruña: More of the same. We wasted the first forty-five minutes and when we have the score on favour then it’s time to suffer. It seems that it’s going to be our fate all season long. The first half was to forget: total offensive and defensive anarchy, as well as a null creativity. The pivotes weren’t receiving the ball, and the team relied in the long throws and the long runs of players that were too static. The whole team defended poorly, because neither pressed nor retreated and always with the lines too separated. The first shot on target came until minute 27, it sums up everything. The second half was completely different. The ball was passed more quickly and the team played on the sides, especially on the right wing, the side that Girona forgot to defend. We still suffering against inferior teams. Why Salomão played? Luis Rodriguez Vaz

La Voz de Galicia: Again a team with two faces. Depor doesn’t clear up all the doubts. It has a problem away from the Riazor and, lately, not even the shelter of its stadium brings the security to impose its pace. The strange thing, which nobody expected, is that the Galician team is having problems to govern the matches from the kick-off, to reduce its opponent to play on counterattacks. Yesterday, once again, it came late to the meeting. But yes, it came back on time to add three necessary points to not convert the near future into a state of nerves.

Girona is a team from the bottom of Segunda División; with the 5-1 of Copa Del Rey still very present in the memory, everybody knew what was at stake. With personality, with speed, with more intention than the locals, the Catalans imposed their game from the start, dug on the side of a precipitated Laure until they took the lead on the scoresheet.

Well positioned, more orderly, Girona complicated the entire first half to a Deportivo that only generated one scoring opportunity, precisely the goal of Riki. The rest, plane game, too predictable, slow and, as a novelty, a defensive line too insecure. Nothing new. One new problem was that Salomão missed his usual appointment, without weight or presence, surprisingly refusing the one-on-one plays and giving the ball away at the first try.

Finally, the logic imposed, a team with more weight and strength, although it had to search for the revulsives of Saul, the second striker and Valerón at the midfield. Whether because of lack of resources, the forced absences or the doubts after recent results, Depor still far from the safe and bossy team expected to command Segunda División. The worrying thing is that some matches were too heavy, the best, that even so, Depor is only three points from the promotion places. José M. Fernández

La Opinión A Coruña: Faithful, but human. The three-day wait after the last debacle at Cartagena was a tense period for Deportivismo. Another rival at low hours, a team that didn’t know the victory playing at its stadium, took advantage of a Depor that can’t impose its game before the rivals. Five setbacks in ten games. Much more pain than expected in a short period of time, and the moral of the fan is affected by this.

You can notice the symptoms of disappointment. The Riazor Blues, who always encouraged even in the worst moments, were welcoming the team with a clear and hard banner: "We live 24 hours for Depor, you not even 90 minutes." It summarizes the general feeling of a public that received the entry of the players with a cold reaction, something between expectation and indifference, indignant after so many unexplained setbacks.

And the first thing Deportivo heard was to show more sacrifice on the pitch, which was spread throughout the stadium; a general relief at the stands as the public failed to hide the disappointment and that lowered the decibels at the moment of cheering up the team. Even at half-time, we heard many whistles. However, the comeback in the second half was medicine for the sick. With the 3-1 in the scoresheet the fans saw everything done and began to heat up the derby, chanting against Celta. Between the joy it came up the penalty goal and the suffering. The patient still sick, but advanced in its recovery. Adrián Castro

Marca: Deportivo La Coruña defeated a leathery Girona that put things very difficult during the first half. The Catalans, who still living at the drop zone, took the lead at minute 4 by a goal of Dani Nieto, but Riki equalized the actions at the 27'. The entry of Saul and Lassad at Deportivo’s team changed the face in the second half. Lassad and Laure scored for the locals and Coro, from the penalty spot, did it for the visitors. Marcos G. Merino.

AS: More points and doubts. Deportivo is used to live in the wire, because it goes out asleep to the matches and can’t find its playing style. In Cartagena it woke up too late, yesterday it did it on time. Girona, a team at the relegation zone, was the master in the first half thanks to the ambition and inspiration of a Dani Nieto, who had a brilliant first half-hour that ended with the 0-1.

The response of Oltra, who still without finding the key, was almost nonexistent. It really was limited to a simply pass from Valerón that Riki converted into gold with a great shot from the edge. Almost unwittingly, or rather without knowing how, the Galicians tied the game despite the best choral game of Agné’s players.

The second half was something else, with a dominant Depor that should wake up at the changing room with the cries of its coach. Oltra’s offensive changes were hurting thanks to a ubiquitous Riki, who deserved the prize of one more goal. The Madrilenian has scored in his last three games as a starter, and although sometimes the bullets are blanks, he was by far the best at the Galician team.

Theoretically, the sign of identity of Deportivo, is the ball possession, but it isn’t overwhelming. Most of the time is harmless and makes sense only when Valerón is involved. The doubts grow up, but do it with three more points that leave Deportivo in the fight and with one more week to find the key. It will be a matter of patience, I guess. Luis De La Cruz.

Diario de Girona: Too many Depor for little Girona. Girona still in critical condition. Last night the team again experienced a strong shock at the Riazor, the third in a week, which aggravates the situation at the standings and leaves the team one more day in the area of intensive care. Raul Agne's men remain in relegation after a long battle against the best team in the league to end up intermittent of forces. Despite losing away to Deportivo entered into all the scripts, yesterday’s defeat multiplies the doubts on the continuity of Agné on the bench. The remarkable thing was the first half of the team as the Catalans were even able to take the lead thanks to an early goal of Nieto. Deportivo woke up and ended up going over a desperate Girona that showed its full potential. Riki equalized before the break and Lassad and Laure certified the local triumph, but the penalty converted by Coro, three minutes before the final whistle, never threatened the result. The future of Agné remains a mystery, but what’s clear is that it remains very dark. Juan Varela



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