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29 May 2006
Xisco, Iago and Iv??n Carril are probably the best news to come out of the past season in Deportivo. The three youngsters have enjoyed several opportunities and the fans are starting to believe in their first-team credentials. Newspaper <i>La Voz de Galicia</i> reunited them in order to share their anecdotes.

La Voz : The players talk about the new coach. There's a discussion about the differences between Caparr??s and Irureta.
Xisco : If Jabo were here, he would use the youngsters in the same way as Caparr??s did. When a young player is doing good work, he would promote them to a first-team match no matter what the vision of the coach would be.
Iago : I disagree. It could be possible that Irureta would use the youngsters, but not in the same way. Irruteta would only play us youngsters if there was no other choice. This year we were starters, even winning spots against the professional players.

La Voz: Dani Mallo is considered as the kindest player in the first squad.
Iv??n Carril: Trist??n and Dani Mallo were the kindest players.
Iago : It's true. Dani was always there taking care of the minimal detail. If he leaves, it will be a shame because he is a good friend and teammate. It will hurt me more as a Depor fan.
Xisco : It would be also unfair.

La Voz: The youngsters talk about their participation in Primera. They think that there's a huge difference with Tercera.
Iv??n Carril : I was surprised to see how the referees forgive some things that the most famous players do. But we are not intimidated. If during the first games you have doubts, you will probable not commit the same mistake again. You will look like a fool if you don't commit a foul when you have to do it.
Iago : the rhythm of the game is the key difference. If you commit a mistake everybody will look at you.
Xisco : The central defenders are stronger, tougher and have far better positioning skills. The defenders in Tercera also hit you, but Primera defenders also know how to clear the ball.

La Voz : Now the three players confess their worst moment.
Iago : I spent a bad moment at the Bernabe??. It was a catastrophe; we suffered the full 90 minutes. I have played a lot of games, but nothing like this one.
Iv??n Carril : For me it was the play in which Athletic scored the equaliser against us at the Riazor. I had to cover Casas... and he jinxed pass me with his movements. He headed the ball alone and everybody was looking at me.
Xisco : The opportunity I missed on goal during the semifinal against Espanyol (Copa Del Rey).

La Voz : And the sweetest moment.
Iv??n Carril : My first official goal against M??laga. Also the goal I scored in the Intertoto Cup final. It was important because we were aiming to reach the UEFA Cup and that would create more opportunities for the youngsters.
Xisco: The goal against Getafe. My only goal this year. However, the memories still remain of my first goal in Primera and that will still be a moment that I will never forget.
Iago: The complete day in which we faced Racing. Riazor gives you sensations that you don't feel in other stadiums, even if you are playing at the Bernabe??.

La Voz: The youngsters try to predict who will be the next star of Fabril that will reach the first squad.
Iago: Chapi will be the next one, although it will depend on the new signings.
Xisco: Maybe Mackay. He is doing a great work. Why do we have to bring somebody from outside if we have the proper player in our home?
Iv??n Carril: Pita. He had the chance to play in that Champions League match, but in the end Scaloni was the one that played. He missed that chance and after that he lost the desire and motivation to train again. But he does a wonderful job.

La Voz: the near future was another issue that's in the mind of these three players.
Iago: I see me playing in Depor, but if the coach doesn't want me, I will have to search for a new life.
Iv??n Carril: It is the truth. We want to play and we should enjoy minutes. For that reason, a loan spell will be good.
Xisco: I think that we are in the right moment to make the jump to Primera.

La Voz: A curious confession was made by the Fabril's youngsters: The shirts that they have exchanged with other Primera players.
Xisco: I have the ones of Llorente, Robinho, (Fernando) Torres, (David) Villa and Lopo. This last one by the way was a request made by him.
Iv??n Carril: I have the shirts of Saviola and Aimar. But it wasn't an exchange. I have them because River Plate is a team that I like very much.
Iago: I asked Sergio Ramos for his shirt, but I don't like to give away my own shirts. So, I pretended to know nothing when he confronted me for my shirt after the game. Jonathan Sesma asked me for the shirt too, he told me that it was a request made by some of his relatives.

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