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19 Nov 2011
For the first time on the season Oltra is having several doubts with the lineup; up to three positions are still to be decided, while is already certain the modification at the centre of the attack as Riki is injured.

There are two certain things about coach José Luis Oltra, the first is that he doesn’t test the lineups for the matches during the training sessions; as example on Thursday he was testing a midfield sector with Juan Dominguez and Borja Fernandez, while Ze Castro was teaming with Colotto at the centre of the defense.

His tactic is to test several combinations during the trainings, though it doesn’t necessary means that one of these choices will be used during the official matches. The second sure thing on Depor’s coach, and that usually helps to clarify the picture about the lineups, is that Oltra is the coach at Segunda that repeats the starting formations in more opportunities.

And it’s that Depor is one of the two clubs in the league with six players taking part in all the games disputed so far; this fact has helped in past matchdays in the attempt to guess the lineups before the kick-offs. However, this is about to change as, for the first time on the season, Oltra has serious doubts in at least three positions ahead of a liga clash.

For Sunday’s visit to Elche the Valencian trainer only has the casualties of Riki and Morel, which leaves him with a handful of alternatives for the major part of positions. Then main doubt is at midfield; Andalusian veteran Jesús Vázquez is returning from suspension, but the good game against Celta of Galician youngster Juan Dominguez might earn him a new opportunity, while Borja Fernandez is pushing strongly in order to appear for the first time wearing Depor’s shirt.

One of these three choices will play alongside Álex Bergantiños at the Martinez Valero stadium; the second doubt is on the wings. Andrés Guardado is returning from international action and there are rumours pointing out that Oltra will rest Diego Salomão as he is one of the six players that have had minutes in all the Segunda matches disputed so far, so the general consensus is that Saul Fernandez will keep playing on the right wing, while Guardado could be returning to the left flank.

The third doubt is at the right-back position; Oltra wants to give back a chance to Manuel Pablo, but the ex-Almeria coach isn’t sure if the Canarian should be a starter against Elche or if instead he should be sat on the bench as the replacement of Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’.

For the moment the only confirmed modification compared to the team that defeated RC Celta on the past Sunday is the exit of Riki, who will be out for three weeks due to a muscular injury; the most probable thing is that Lassad will claim the spot at the centre of the attack, with Xisco as the replacement on the bench.



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