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24 Nov 2011
After the fifth defeat on the Segunda season all eyes are on Deportivo’s defensive sector; the Galicians already allowed twenty goals and the problems at the back zone are causing doubts on Depor’s promotion aspirations.

Deportivo La Coruña already allowed twenty goals on the Segunda tournament; it’s a big number considering that only fourteen matchdays have been played. The last time that Depor had allowed so many goals after this number of games was on the season 2007/08; campaign in which the Galicians had conceded twenty-one goals after fourteen meetings at Primera División.

Not even on last season, the infamous campaign of the relegation, Deportivo had leaked so many goals at this stage of the competition (Lotina’s Depor had 16 goals allowed). It’s the main concern at this point; the worries are so big that some journalists are even saying that it’s impossible to achieve the promotion if the team keeps allowing so many goals.

Even goalkeeper Dani Aranzubia was admitting it, as he said on Monday, ”We are allowing too many goals and must improve this facet; in the end the teams at the top only allow a few goals. In all the leagues in order to achieve titles and important things you need to allow lesser goals and for now our average is pretty high.”

“Let’s see if we can avoid the errors, because we are paying the price; we are committing errors, not too many, but enough to concede a lot of goals. Some goals are caused for some specific stuff, others are different, but in the end we are allowing too many goals. Elche scored three and only had three or four opportunities; Celta had five or six and scored once; in the end things are relative, but in any case we could have avoided those goals.” The keeper added.

Meanwhile, the media in La Coruña is having different interpretations on the situation; some journalists are blaming the individual performance of players like Aythami, Ayoze Diaz or Jesús Vázquez, trio that has been hardly criticized within the last weeks.

Others are remembering the decisions of coach José Luis Oltra, like the fact of playing with only one central defender –Aythami- within the last half hour at Elche; at minute 63 of the meeting at the  Martinez Valero, Valerón replaced Colotto, move that was trying to push the attack as the team needed a goal to reach the equalizer, in the end Depor scored that goal, but also conceded the third, which cost the game.

It was the second time in which Depor’s coach was replacing a central defender with an attacker to end playing a meeting with only three defenders; the previous occasion was in the visit to CD Alcoyano as Juan Dominguez replaced Aythami at minute 74, and it neither worked out as Deportivo also lost that game and also allowing a goal after the modification (0-2).

Individual errors or tactical mismatches of the coach, the true is that Depor needs to strengthen its defensive sector if the Galicians want to have solid aspirations for the promotion; so far they have only achieved four clean sheets and, as a way of comparison, last season Rayo Vallecano had the worst defense among the three clubs that achieved the promotion to Primera, they allowed 48 goals in 42 matches for an average of 1.14 goals per match, while Depor’s current average is 1.43.



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