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28 Nov 2011
The victory over UD Almeria was overshadowed by the fight that Oltra had with defender Ze Castro, tough the club and both men hurried up in clarifying the incident.

Deportivo was dispatching UD Almeria with a 3-0 score; it seemed that finally the Galicians were going to have a tranquil final stretch in a match, but fifteen minutes before the final whistle a curious incident occurred. Coach José Luis Oltra ordered the modification of central defender Ze Castro; it was a weird change as his replacement was side defender Manuel Pablo, but neither was a surprise as the Canarian veteran was the only defender sited on the bench.

What happened next was witnessed by the whole Riazor, Ze Castro was upset, not by been replaced –he asked for the change- but for his new muscular problem. Instead of going out by the centre of the pitch he went out by one of the sides –the side of Pabellón- Oltra was upset as he thought it was a lack of respect towards Manuel Pablo, though later it was known that the referee was the one that forced the Portuguese defender to leave by the side. What happened was that the player repented and tried to leave where he should, but the referee didn’t allow it as he thought that Deportivo was wasting time.

And Oltra was so upset that he yelled to Ze Castro in front of the whole stadium, even physical coach Jose Ángel Franganillo and midfielder Jesús Vázquez had to stop him as he was approaching to a speechless Ze Castro that went directly into the changing room.



















Oltra yelling to Ze Castro when he was leaving the pitch

The first reaction from the club was to try to chill out the things; canaldeportivo.com immediately published a note informing that Ze Castro was replaced as he sustained a “small physical problem”. The note also presented part of the declarations given by Oltra in his post-game press conference.

What Oltra said on the incident was that, “The change was requested by Ze Castro, because he was having some issues, a muscular problem caused by the fatigue. I’m vehement and sometimes can’t avoid showing my feelings, and then I don’t hide what I don’t like. It wasn’t for requesting the change, but because he went out from where he shouldn’t, just in a moment when we needed a pause. It bothered me and I talked with him.”

“The true is that his behavior was right, because I was the one that had strong words. It would have been worse if he would have said something to me. I was on the bench, I was mad and I didn’t shut up. But he came later and asked for apologies, so everything is sorted. His match was impeccable and our relation still solid. This can happen everywhere, even in the best families.” He added.

The team trained on Saturday and Ze Castro was called to the press room in order to give his version of the incident, and the Portuguese man also said that everything was fine, “We all make mistakes. I already asked for apologies as I left the pitch by the other side, and everything is fixed now. Great persons know when they are wrong and that’s why I ask for apologies. It’s just that I was unhappy for leaving the pitch.”

So, both men have left the incident behind, but the papers and radios in Galicia have hammered both men for their behavior. The journalists believe that they were wrong, Ze Castro for trying to leave the pitch by one side, and Oltra for his childhood reaction. It must be remembered that before the incident, some tension has been reported between them as the player has been left out of the list for the games in a couple of opportunities.



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