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06 Dec 2011
Mixed readings at the newspapers; the media believes that the result is important for Depor’s aspirations, but also criticizes the poor offensive game when Oltra’s side is on the road, and also the softness at the left side of the defense.

La Opinión A Coruña: In the fight. There is Depor, nevertheless what happens, in the fight. With the same problems playing away from home, with more shadows than lights, but fully engaged into the fight for  promotion, which is the goal. It returned from Zorilla with a worked tie, a point of those that actually tastes like gold. It must be valorized, and much, because few teams are going to scratch something from Pucela. It has a merit, no one denies it, but this Deportivo can offer much more. It can and it should. At least, it has to try.

The only side that really wanted something in the game was Valladolid, and deserved more. Who doesn’t see it so it’s because it has a blindfold on its eyes. Yes, Depor was close to score in some punctual actions such as the header of Colotto, but then it would have been an injustice. It was enough to keep a clean sheet. A positive note, but that doesn’t hide the defensive weaknesses, especially on the sides. The opponents know this and in every game they’re tickling by the sides, especially on the left. Ayoze still lost and at this point no one is surprised with his poor performance. No one asks him to be Filipe, or to see him joining the attacks twenty times per match. You are simply asking to do his duties at the back. At least, he does his best. Nobody can reproach that he isn’t trying. He squeezes the maximum. Maybe that's why he keeps playing. For this reason and because he was a bet of Oltra. Once again the coach hallucinated during yesterday’s game. And not with his team, but with the hundreds of supporters that were at the stands of the Zorrilla. It doesn’t matter if the team plays at the Riazor or outside. There are the fans, loyal as ever. Always in the fight, just like Depor. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: What a great point and what a sadder Depor. It was a great point, but a sad game. Depor returns from Pucela holding on the result as a justification for a mediocre game, lacking ambition and the packaging supposed to an aspirant for the promotion. It’s true that Colotto grazed the miracle of the three points and perhaps, then, dazzled by the light gave by the wins against direct rivals, little or nothing would have been talked about the crappy attitude of the team before the troop of Djukic. It lacked boldness, scarce resources, and one more day, some players were missing.

Because you can’t even speak of a great defensive strength, continuously overwhelmed by the side of Ayoze, and that had the respect showed by Valladolid towards the Galicians during various phases of game, it was his best ally. And for the end, the new chapter of Ze Castro, whose inclusion at the starting lineup was the surprise of Oltra. Less surprising was that the Portuguese had to leave injured due to his muscular problems. Ze Castro is not a juvenile. At this point you can’t make experiments. Or he is available to play or not. Fernando Hidalgo

La Opinión A Coruña: Problems at the left side. Change in the left spot at the centre of the defense, this in order to try to fix the weakness dragged by the team. During the first half the few attacks of Valladolid came from this area and it's necessary to look for a change at the left side. On offense, except for some plays of Guardado, Deportivo was zero. During the away games is a luxury to have Valerón and Lassad together. The opposing team arrives to the second line with amazing ease, forcing the wingers to delay their position, voiding any option for a counterattack. In the second half Oltra tried to fix the problem on the left allowing the entry of Salomão. Borja gave more meaning to the game, but without depth. There are also a lot to improve with the attitude playing away from home. Javier Bardanca

La Voz de Galicia: The order survives the jinx. The seriousness, a few drops of luck and the referee stopped the curse that surrounds Deportivo during its visits to Valladolid. Nothing shook a team that rolled up and that  left the brightness for a better opportunity, in the end it flocked the tie that was searched during the entire game. It only suffered within the first minutes of the second half, when the referee gave a hand and annulled a valid goal. To the Depor of Segunda this result is useful to keep living at the top six places.

Oltra chose Zé Castro and again he suffered the physical problems that haunt him, again he requested the change before the end, around minute 70, as has happened in three of his four starts. Moreover, the starting formation –it was the same that faced Almeria- didn’t involve a change in the pattern of play, which was scorned in the good moves of the Portuguese central defender during the few appearances of Guardado.

The seriousness, however, became a trademark. Ordered and close together on the frozen grass, the Galicians didn’t bother to mark the pace that suited them and neither to offer an attractive proposition. Even were lucky with that shot of Sisi, with all in favor he hit the crossbar with his bad leg, the right one. You can blame them, however, for missing a point of ambition and depth as well as better use of the strategic plays, although Colotto connected twice and hit the crossbar in one opportunity.

The worst version of Deportivo came in the second half, just when Nauzet was close to remove the previous work. In ten minutes Valladolid surrounded the area of Aranzubia and the Galicians began offering doubts. This time the referee contributed with an offside that it wasn’t before Oltra decided to renew the blood of Deportivo with Salomão and Borja, who debuted in his former house. Among his seniority and the velocity of the winger they sealed a point that tastes like glory. Pedro Barreiros

Marca: Sad draw between two candidates for Primera. Valladolid and Deportivo, aspirants to move up this season to the top flight, staged a meeting in which they didn’t show the level of play that is required at Primera. Players from both teams gave a poor image and neither dominated the whole match. The referee also became a protagonist as he disallowed a legal goal to Javi Guerra at minute 52. Marcos G. Merino.

Norte de Castilla (Valladolid): Clash of rocks. Catacroc. A shot of Sisi hits the crossbar. Catacroc. Colotto's header hits the post. Catacroc, catacroc, catacrocs everywhere. Valiente makes a cut, Nafti steals, Jesús Rueda anticipated, and on the other side the defensive efforts are redoubled, Borja fights, Colotto jumps, Ze Castro strengths to the limit... A clash of rocks ended in a draw to hardness. Here there was no pumice. It was granite against granite. And nobody could find a crack through which to put the wedge to change the whole game. Well, yes. Nauzet, Javi Guerra’s personal assistant, found it, but the assistant annulled it as he saw an inexistent offside.

It was a game with a different taste. As if it wasn’t from Segunda Division. For the hour, not at 4PM and neither at noon. Also because there was a great atmosphere, with two thousand Depor’s fans at the stands. Also because the opponent has great names, as Valerón, Colotto, Lassad, Aranzubia or Guardado. Also because Borja was at the rival team, and a lighted Christmas tree in the parking lot at the Carrefour.

The clash had ended in a draw of rocks. There was no poor presentation, neither lack of talent, but a sincere sacrifice, courage and a match with a level above the average for the league. Maybe no one will remember this meeting. Perhaps only a few players of the 28 that jumped into the grass will remember it. But they, unlike Socrates, don’t play to be remembered, but to win and achieve the promotion. Their life is on this. Antonio G. Encinas



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