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09 Dec 2011
Galician midfielder Borja Fernandez finally debuted with Deportivo during the past weekend; he gave an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa and analyzed his situation and the status of Deportivo at Segunda Divisiůn.

Q: How did you feel in your debut at Valladolid?
A: Fine, I had a long time waiting for both things: to return to Valladolid, after having spent four great years there, and to debut with Deportivo after many months of waiting.

Q: What were your feelings on the match?
A: Well, lacking pace at first, because I still miss a bit of spark. I went out in a moment of responsibility, because we were 0-0, but better for me, I like to enter more in those games rather when things are already decided.

Q: The time you were on the pitch we could saw a strong midfielder...
A: Yes, my game is very intense and sometimes it works out, and others less. The other day, against Valladolid, in the first action I came in too late, and I was booked, but hey, you have to compete with intensity.

Q: What can you add to midfield territory?
A: I donít know, I donít like defining myself. I prefer to see the coach doing it or someone else, not me.

Q: Can your style fit into the game wanted by Depor?
A: Yes, I was feeling comfortable, I came out at a moment of responsibility, because we were 0-0 and didnít play two minutes, I was able to play something more. I was fine and I think it can fit into the teamís game.

Q: Viewing the record away from home, was the point added a positive result?
A: We want to win again away from home, because we arenít getting good results. From that perspective our actions on the road, and playing in the field of the team that at that time was the second place and the best local, the point canít be taken for bad.

Q: Although you missed more aim in attack, the team was better at defense, do you think this is the way forward away from the Riazor?
A: Yes, but is the same both at home and away. The main thing is the order, to be a serious team and be ordained, and from there to get the football. If one day you donít have football, at least you have to treasure the defensive security.

Q: Depor seems entrusted to the Riazor, where only some points flied away, can be dangerous to think that you will always be infallible at home?
A: Yes, although we are the best home team alongside Valladolid, we drew and lost a home game, so we wonít always win. I hope that we can win all the matches from here to the end, but we know itís very hard to keep that streak. We must try to keep it as long as possible and above all, to start doing it outside.

Q: After a few demanding weeks with rivals like Celta, Elche, Almeria and Valladolid, now it appears that the schedule gives a break...
A: On paper, yes, but I donít see it on the field. I think all the matches are complicated and perhaps against the big teams you go out at the top as you are more motivated, but with small rivals you tend to play more relaxed and that canít happen. Every team has its threats and anyone can beat you.

Q: Numancia can be a tricky opponent and arrives after seven games undefeatedÖ
A: They have good players and are five points below us, because they only lost one more match than the team.

Q: The situation is tight at the standings and that makes the differences to be really small...
A: Yes, Numancia is fourteenth with 22 points, so we shouldnít relax and less against them, they are a historical team at Segunda Divisiůn.

Q: You know both Primera and Segunda, do you think Deportivo is struggling to adapt to this league?
A: I donít know if we are lacking adaptation or what, but so far we arenít working away from home and the truth is that these arenít the expected results. We would like to be better placed, we're fine because we are close to the first places, but we'd love to be further up at the standings.

Q: Can the team be facing a dose of pressure for its history and level of the players? Do you have to win it all?
A: To win everything is very complicated, but obviously people will always going to demand us to win, wherever the match is going to be played; they will ask us for victory and we see it that way. But it isnít so easy.

Q: You lived a promotion with Valladolid, was there also ups and downs like Depor?
A: Yes, especially in the beginning; we even wanted to fire the coach, but overall it was a solid season.

Q: Have you ever commented with your team mates about your experiences in this league?
A: Yes, but in the end everyone has their opinion and vision, and there are people within the group that also has experience. Whatís clear is that Segunda Division is a long league in which we must always be prepared.



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