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10 Dec 2011
Depor’s coach was warning the fans that this won’t be an easy game for Los Blanquiazules, while Numancia’s trainer is worried for the lack of goals at his team.

Pablo Machín Díez is a weird case of a man that has spent all his life attached to one single club; he was born in Soria and played at CD Numancia as a right-back defender during the 1990’s. The true is that his career as a player was short as it only lasted ten years, but then he decided to be a coach and has spent the last eleven years working with Numancia.

Machin has been the coach of Numancia B when the team was at Tercera División and spent the last three years as the second coach of the first team during the stages with Gonzalo Arconada, Sergio Kresic and Juan Carlos Unzué.

He had a contract for three more years as the assistant of the first team, but in June he was chosen to be the head coach and signed a one-year deal; so far his results have been pretty solid as Numancia is out of relegation problems standings eight points above the pit; this is his first official meeting against José Luis Oltra.

Depor’s coach gave his press conference on Thursday; it lasted fifteen minutes; he started questioned about the possibility of winning two straight matches, “Well, I always think of the next game; for me there’s no Copa and neither exists the game with Las Palmas; in order to achieve back-to-back wins you need to win the first match, so we’ll focus on the first game and later will focus on the second. Truly we are one of the fewest teams at the top that haven’t been able to achieve two straight wins, but I trust in this team and our time will come, but we must go game by game.”

One of the main concerns of Oltra is to realize that the public isn’t taking seriously the clash with Numancia; he talked of it for a couple of minutes, “I will like to wake up people ahead of the clash with Numancia; it’s a team that has added points in five of its seven visits and hasn’t been defeated within the last seven matches; it’s a classical team of this league… with clear ideas… with very good players, meanwhile people is thinking of that package of two games, even of the Copa, and we need to be focused, knowing that’s a complicate game.”

“We trust in doing the right things, but must be focused in order to win the match. Many people believe that this game is already won, because we play at home and other stuff, but it isn’t an easy match. We are always forced to win, but not because Numancia is the rival, actually Numancia is as complicated as Celta, Almeria… Elche, Valladolid. We need to do the right things if we want to defeat a solid rival.” He added.

Then the Valencian coach was asked if the team feels more pressured in order to win the games at home as things have been more difficult on the road, “We must search for regularity and to improve some things when we play away from home; the point added at Valladolid is extremely good and we left some positive things. We are forced to win every game for been Depor, away or at home, so the pressure is generated by the people. We go out to compete with that, there’s confidence at one side, and also some concern at the other.”

And then the reporters started to ask questions regarding Ze Castro; Oltra was trying to give the impression that nothing is happening with his continuous muscular problems, “He is fine; these are things of football. He had a weird sensation on the last game and I even said on the press conference that I feared he had a tear in a muscle, but later he recovered and trained at the top and felt fine. He is strong in a physiological sense, so we only have one injury: Xisco. Everybody else is available, and therefore any other discard will be for tactical reasons.”

“We can’t allow a psychosis situation on here, we must understand these are normal things; it was a matter that he didn’t feel fine. The players always like to be on the pitch. I don’t think we need to search for further answers. I don’t want to complicate the situation with Ze [Castro]. I just try to manage all the factors when I make the lineup and the lists of picked players. This isn’t a press conference to talk of Ze Castro, the only thing that matter is the team, always.” He said a little bothered.

Asked about possible moves in the winter market, he said that nothing has changed, “No, the situation still the same; we haven’t requested anything; it doesn’t mean that no one will come, it’s just that I am more worried in other subjects; for that reason we’ve a sporting director; I also have an opinion on that regard, but right now I am more worried of others aspects.”

Finally, Oltra avoided to start making calculations ahead of next year, “For me the only valuable calculation is to win the match with Numancia, and later the only valuable thing will be to defeat Las Palmas, so the goal is to earn the six remaining points on the year, and later you have twenty-three matches left in the schedule, I don’t make calculations, just think in winning game after game. It isn’t good to make calculations, because it just creates more pressure. The pressure must be that we always must search for the victory; the pressure must be that, in order to win, we always need to play well. That’s the goal and my intention.”

Numancia’s coach talked to reporters after Thursday’s training session; he begun praising the level of Deportivo, “Depor is a major team, with quality players, a strong side at home and we are going to put the best players in order to win the game, it’s a match you can’t win only with the eleven starters, but with the alternatives you could have on the bench.”

“I do believe that they have players that can mark the difference at Segunda División, though on this league any team can give a surprise. Truly we must consider this team as the favourite in order to achieve the promotion to Primera.” He added.

The coach knows that his team needs to overcome the lack of goals suffered in recent matches, “Beyond the impression that the team could leave on the pitch, I am more worried of the result. The goal is our pending issue; against Cartagena we didn’t complete a good game, but had enough chances to win the match, now I hope to regain the aim at the Riazor.”

“We must recover the aim, because we are conscious that the team won’t have so many chances as we are used to see at Los Pajaritos. We are coming after two draws at home against the last places, and that isn’t good if we want to look into the playoff zone. A few weeks ago we made a good game at Valladolid, but the points stayed there.” He added regarding the issue.

About the starting lineup for the match, Machin didn’t give many hints, but confirmed that Julio Álvarez will be a starter, “Julio is fine. He is the first man that wants to play, later the doctor gave their okay as long as he wears a special mask, the same one he has used during the training sessions, it’s a protection.”

“As long as he doesn’t feel any problem he will be available to play, and I hope he could be at the top of his performance, the same one we are used to see. About the rest of the team, we might have some modifications; we just going to put the best players that we have.” He finalized.



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