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02 Jun 2006
Changui and 'Toro' Acu?a. This two players that never counted for Irureta and Caparr??s are now involved in problems that aren't related to football. Changui is attending to court because Depor has fired him, while 'Toro' Acu?a has been accused of inviting an attractive Swedish photographer to his hotel room.

The case of Marcos Ya?ez 'Changui' was reported a few months ago, the Galician player was sent in a loan spell to Xhanti (Greece) for the past season, but he was excluded of the team and returned to Spain without noticing Depor first. The Galician club received a report arguing that the player was spending the time in his home and without attending to any ?sporting discipline’.

After that the lawyers of the club decided that there were enough arguments to fire him. Changui received an official notification and the club's officials considered the case as closed. But the ex-Depor striker reclaimed the money that Deportivo owned him (his contract would end in June 2007). The player and the club attended to a friendly arbitration. Depor offered €240,000 as compensation, but Changui refused the offer since his contract next season is worth €540,000. Now the case will be taken by a local court. A final decision will be know in two weeks.

The first scandal in the World Cup has a Depor's player in the front page. Roberto Acu?a was accused by the Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter of sexual harassment against one of its photographers. According to the paper, Emelie Asplund received a call at 1 AM from Manuel Hoffman (FIFA's employee). He told her that one player of Paraguay would be very please to 'know her better' after this player was interviewed by her, and the reporter Maria Nordstroem during the evening before the call was made.

Hoffman confessed later to Dagens Nyheter that the petition was made by Acu?a and that he was just following the orders of the player. Curiously Sweden and Paraguay are tied in the same group in the World Cup, for this reason the federation of Paraguay is claiming that this is just a maneuver to distract its players. Organising Committee vice-president, Wolfgang Niersbach, expressed his apologies for the case and has ordered an internal investigation about this issue.

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