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12 Dec 2011
Once again there’s a double reading on the newspapers; the punch shown by Deportivo in attack still waking up positive comments, but the punctual defensive errors were critcised and still leaving a sense of doubt towards Depor’s aspirations in liga.

La Opinión A Coruña: Perfect first half. The first half was really good and both goals were beautiful. The first came after a perfect combination, and the second thanks to a precise shot on target. In the first part the team succeeded with a combinative game coming from behind and with attacks from the centre and also by the sides. Besides, it didn’t use the direct game, so Aranzubia had no work to do. Neither had we seen free-kicks at the edge of the area, place where Julio Álvarez is a specialist. The only spark was that Numancia, when it proposed a defensive line playing in an advanced position, the team never knew how to counter it with the entry of players from the second line. With the modification of Borja, the team became disoriented and from there it arrived the opportunities for the visitors. Luis Vaz

La Voz de Galicia: A rollercoaster with a happy ending. Riazor enjoyed a rollercoaster of feelings. Deportivo defeated Numancia with a 3-1 score, but the result may be misleading, because at some moment people were close to live a drama. In the end, the Galicians added the three points that entrenched them at the top positions.

Deportivo started with a higher pace than usual, and was above the visitors. The attackers built up several successful plays unseen until now at the Riazor. Laure, who covers his technical shortcomings with dedication and honor, became the centerpiece to cause superiority in attack. Numancia never surrendered; it presented a defense playing in an advanced position, always searching for the side of Ayoze. Fran Balado

La Opinión A Coruña: Excessive permissiveness. It seems that it’s impossible to enjoy a quiet game, even at the Riazor. Yesterday the team did everything to complete the ninety minutes without problems and relative ease, but the defensive mismatches prevented to enjoy of a solid match. And thank God Julio Alvarez sent wide the penalty of Numancia. It would have been a tie at two goals with over ten minutes on the clock. What would have happened? How could the team assimilate this score after been winning by two goals and developing a game as to have solved the game with a bigger score?

Because everything the team does well in attack is later invalidated by the permissiveness at defense. Because it wasn’t only the penalty missed by Julio Alvarez, but also the header of Juanjo that was cleared between Aranzubia and Colotto when the game was goalless, later another play of Juanjo in which he washed away three defenders to end shooting alone before Aranzubia, shot that was deflected by Laure, or the same goal of Juanjo as he headed a free-kick between three defenders. These situations bring back the confidence to the opponent and show them the path for the comeback, to stay alive in a game that, like many others, would be dead long before. That's the argument heard on the street after the meeting: "It happens, because the team doesn’t kills the game." True, but it is also unfair, because it requires from the attackers a perfection that doesn’t exist, one hundred percent effectiveness, impossible. So you need to be stronger defensively, to be more focused or whatever. Because one thing is that the rival can surprise you in a counterattack, and another is to let it play. Xosé Manuel Mallo

AS: Numancia succumbed to the magic of the Riazor. Deportivo continues its climb to the summit and after yesterday's victory it already is one point behind the direct promotion spots. Its best weapon in this progression is called Riazor, place where it has added 22 of the 27 possible points disputed there, and Numancia succumbed against this magic.

The Sorianos were the first that bent the knee before the good football of Oltra’s players, much better from the start. Lassad, who already has four straight games scoring at home, opened the count in a great play in which Guardado, Alex Bergantiños and Valerón were involved, which left the 1-0 for the Marseille-born striker. What seemed the final nail was the ubiquitous game of Guardado, who defined with a great volley to add his sixth goal of the season.

With everything against them, Numancia never surrendered and Juanjo opened the game with a header after a move of strategy. Just nine minutes from the end Julio Alvarez took the penalty for the tie, but was unable to beat the spells of the Riazor and threw it out. Following the intervention of the witches it arrived the sentence of Juan Dominguez, a player that continues to grow and received the ovation of the night. Luis de La Cruz

Heraldo de Soria: Riazor was too much. Numancia spent seven games without losing and two without conceding a goal, but the hope to keep both streaks began to fade after just fifteen minutes and finally disappear at the 80th minute when Julio Alvarez threw too high a penalty that would have meant the tie. The team from Soria was too cold at the beginning. Serve as proof the four corner-kicks had by Deportivo within the first ten minutes. But the biggest sin of Machin’s men was to lose midfield sector. The first goal was born in this way. Julio Alvarez wanted to change the ball sideways and ended up giving it to Guardado. Deportivo pulled from the manual. Alex Bergantiños and Valerón combined to leave Lassad alone, and he made no mistake. Excessive facilities for a front line with dynamite. Rubén Rodríguez



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