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18 Dec 2011
Deporís coach explained why he had to left some players out of the list for a game, while he knows that the team needs a win away from home; meanwhile Rodriguez is convinced that his players donít need an extra-motivation for the clash.

Juan Manuel Rodriguez is a football coach that has spent his twenty-three years as a trainer working with clubs from the Canary Islands. He has been the head coach of Las Palmas is four different stages, and was even the coach of the Juvenil squad, just when Valerůn was part of the youth team.

The true is that the previous three stages of Rodriguez at UD Las Palmas didnít last too much as he didnít spend more than one and a half year at the club; his last arrival was at the middle of the past Segunda season as the Canarian team was having relegation problems, in the end he left the club at mid-table, just like on the present season.

This is the fourth meeting between Rodriguez and Josť Luis Oltra, the previous three took place at Segunda and Deporís coach won one match and drew the other two, actually Oltra, who has been one of the most successful coaches in the history of Las Palmasí nemesis CD Tenerife, has never lost against the yellow team, this after clinching four victories and two draws in six presentations.

Deporís coach gave a press conference on Friday; he talked for fourteen minutes with reporters; he started explaining why Saul was left out of the game after his last presentation in Copa Del Rey ďI canít pick all the players; I can only pick eighteen, all deserve to be part of the game, but I canít do it. And for the game in my mind I thought this was the right call. Saul, Seoane, Pablo Ńlvarez were great, but I picked eighteen players, and letís hope everything will be fine.Ē

Asked about the presence of four centre midfielders in the list of picked players, the Valencian coach said that, ďItís the idea that I have about the game, later we will see what happens; I am trying to balance the situation and yes, Iím picking the four centre midfielders at the squad.Ē

ďI always said that the worst day of the week is when I have to decide who will stay out; that today is more difficult after the great game in Copa? Maybe, but Iíve to make these tough decisions every week; thereís a lot of equality and anyone can play. Right now itís more difficult.Ē He added.

Later Oltra confessed that he had big doubts about one of the spots at the list of picked players, ďI arrived here, to the training pitch, and I had doubts in one of the spots, and I had to ask for the opinion of the coaching staff, later I made a final decision and letís hope that we can win.Ē After it he didnít want to confirm which position was and he became upset with the reporters that were insisting with the issue.

Deporís trainer was also hopeful towards the recent performance of the team when it plays away from home, ďWe are improving away from home, the team is competing at the top, but we need to make that little last step; itís important to win away from home in order to clear out the doubts. We need to compete, to have a good result and make a complete game.Ē

He also confessed what he expects from this match, ďI donít want an open game, with ups and downs, because is like flipping a coin. I want to see my team imposing its game and ideas, to not allow the rival to have time and neither find the cracks, because their potential is great if we allow them to do their game. Besides, the Canarians usually grow up against the big teams. Itís a tough pitch, a team with strong numbers at home, they have talent, unbalance and players with mobility, and undoubtedly the visit of Depor is an extra motivation for them.Ē

Finally, Oltra gave his opinion on the renewal of Juan Dominguez, ďGood for him, these are good news; he was born close to La CoruŮa and was made at the club; letís hope it will motivate him and letís hope it wonít affect his performance, but in a general sense I think it was a right decision from the club.Ē

The coach of Las Palmas gave his press conference on Friday; he started talking of the attitude of his team towards the meeting with Deportivo, ďWe are fearless and will go out for everything, we will just try to play our game and convince our fans, something that wonít be easy, because we are facing one of the best teams in the league, though we have enough arguments to do a right job, this no matter we donít have the full squad available.Ē

ďItís a football match in which, as soon as you enter into the pitch, the attitude, concentration and physical demand are marking the pace. In this kind of matches you donít need to motivate the people. We must always be focused, but there are matches in which it isnít necessary due to extraordinary reasons. Itís a match in which all the players want to take part.Ē He added.

He continued praising the level of Deportivo, ďItís a team coming down from Primera, they have a large budget and players with enough experience and a great level, but we are going out to do our part, which is to play and win the game. We canít be expecting to see what they will do, but to seek for our strengths too, because they also have weak points. Not so long ago Las Palmas was there too and we made great games with Depor.Ē

The Canarian coach was also inviting the fans to visit the Estadio de Gran Canaria, ďThe fans have always been there. I donít want to say anything else, because it will be like demanding something from which they arenít convinced, and it isnít like that. Iím sure they will be there with us.Ē

ďWe can only expect to see more people, and ask them to support us since the first minute against one of the greatest teams in the league. Our main wish is to achieve the victory; it will be a Christmas gift to add the three points before Deportivo, for us, the fans and the club.Ē He finalized.



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