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24 Dec 2011
Depor’s board of directors presented the financial reports of the Galician club; RCDLC.com analyzes the budget of Deportivo for the season 2011/2012.

The club reports that the budget for the present season is for €42,950,000, which means a reduction of 18.73% compared to the previous season; it’s the biggest cut since the peak of the season 2003/04, time when the budget reached the €86.41 million. It means than in eight years Deportivo had reduced its budget in 51%.

It’s normal to see the reduction for the present season as the first team suffered the relegation to Segunda División; still Depor has the bigger budget at Liga Adelante. The club with the second largest budget at Segunda is RC Celta (€13.10 million), followed by UD Almeria (€12million), Real Valladolid (€9 million) and Hércules CF (€8 million). Actually, the combined budget of those four clubs is €42.1 million, which almost match Depor’s budget.

It’s confirmed that the main cause for the reduction in the budget is related to the TV income; on the past season the club reported €18.5 million for this single matter, now that the team is at the Segunda the club is only expecting €4 million, which means a reduction of 78.38%, a hard hit for a club in deep financial problems like Deportivo La Coruña.

Fortunately, the club is perceiving the income of the relegation assurance; the budget doesn’t confirm the exact amount of this income, it only reports €17 million as “extraordinary incomes” (39.59% of the total), but surely big part of that amount is related to the relegation assurance, so this assurance is now the main source of money for the budget.

The report also calculates in €10 million the possible sell of players, this amount fired the rumour about possible exits during the winter market, it was even rumoured that Valencia CF was open to pay €8 million for winger Andrés Guardado, a rumour that was quickly described by president Lendoiro as a “Holy innocents joke”

The third source of money for the budget is related to publicity: €5 million, which is a reduction of 20% compared to the income perceived by the club during the previous season. The fourth source of money is related to the socios, according to the budget present by the officials the club expects to cash €3.5 million for this reason, plus €700,000 for balconies rental at the Riazor. The predicted income for the tickets sells in liga is €1 million, plus €50,000 in Copa Del Rey.

About the expenses, the major part is related to the players’ wages; the budget calculates that it needs €20.79 million in order to cover the issue, which means the 48.41% of the budget; in any case is a reduction compared to the €23.51 million of the past season.

Finally, it calls the attention that the budget estimates that Deportivo will spend €8 million in the transfer of players; during the summer window the club only invested  €250,000 in the arrival of Bruno Gama, which opens the question if Lendoiro will really make a big signing during the winter market.



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