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25 Dec 2011
There were constant rumours about the possible exit of Guardado from Deportivo, but the player confirmed in Mexico that he’s staying, at least until June of 2012.

Within the last two years there have been endless rumours about the possible exit of Andrés Guardado from Deportivo; during the summer it was commented that Valencia CF was close to sign the winger. The Valencians were also linked with the player during the past week as his agent, Mario Ordiales, told to reporters that his exit was imminent.

However, Guardado himself has ruled out the possibility of leaving the club, at least until his contract rules out in June of 2012. The player maintains silence in Spain as he isn’t giving interviews and neither is participating in press conferences, but this time he talked to a reporter from Mexican newspaper El Universal.

The former Atlas winger explained the reasons why he wants to stay, “You need to be thankful with the people that opened the gates in Europe, and that people are Deportivo. Now I try to pay back that confidence and the best way to leave is with the team at Primera.”

“I’m pretty happy staying at Depor; I still have one more season and want to give everything for Deportivo, side that deserves to be at Primera, and let’s hope we could achieve the promotion. We depend on everybody in order to clinch the promotion. People have always expected big things from me, and not for now that we are at Segunda, but since the first year I arrived. I’ve learned to live with it and try to do my best” He added.

Guardado is aware that the road to Primera is tough, but is hopeful towards the near future, “Everything is difficult, but let’s sees how it goes. Let’s hope we can be constant and that the team could be at the top of the standings until the end. I am not unhappy or anything like that, the contrary I am totally involved in what is the purpose of achieving the promotion."



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