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26 Dec 2011
For the second straight year RCDLC.com presents the list with the best youngsters at the youth teams of Deportivo; this time the list is composed by 13 players, promises that represent the hope for the future.

The economic situation has pushed Deportivo to rely on its youth teams, which seems like the only solution now that the club is at Segunda División; the goal of president Lendoiro is to erase the debt as soon as possible and later build up again a strong team for la liga competition, but no matter the kind of reinforcements that could arrive in the future the fact is that the project is now based in the young blood that’s growing up at the fields of the sporting city located at Abegondo.

RCDLC.com presents for the second straight year a list of the best players currently performing at Deportivo’s youth teams and also a short description of their performance within the last twelve months; the list is composed by thirteen youngsters. The first article explains the situations of six players: two goalkeepers, one side defender, one central defender and two centre midfielders.

1- Marc Martinez: (21, goalkeeper, Fabril) Recent years have been tough for the keepers at the youth teams, neither Ian Mackay, nor Diego Rivas, nor Dani Mallo were able to claim a spot at the first team, and that taking in mind that the three of them are Galicians. On the present season the goal of Deportivo B is defended by a Catalan youngster that just arrived during the summer, Marc Martinez Aranda, so it leads to think that he won’t reach the first team, at least judging what happened to his predecessors.

However, Marc has done great in just six months; he is the only Fabril’s player that has performed all the possible minutes at Tercera División and his saves have been important to see the B squad currently fighting for a spot at the promotion zone. He even had an experience with the first team as he, together with David Gómez, made the pre-season with Oltra’s team as second goalie German Lux arrived until the end of the summer. Marc debuted with the first team on July 22 during a friendly game with Viveiro CF. In the end the Catalan might have a chance to reach the first team on a permanent basis, this taking in mind that the contract of Lux last until the end of the present season.

2- David Gomez Vazquez: (17, goalkeeper, Juvenil A) He is destined to be the next goalkeeper of Fabril, though for now he is the starting goalie at the Juvenil A squad. This young keeper called everybody’s attention as he was training with the first squad during the last season with Miguel Ángel Lotina, this since Aranzubia was injured; at the time he was only 16. During the present season he has been the starting goalie in 13 of the 16 matches disputed by Juvenil A at División de Honor.

The Galician youngster has been the starting keeper at all the squads where he has played, three seasons ago he was the starting choice at Cadete A, two years ago he was promoted to Juvenil B, and since last year he’s performing with Juvenil A. David hasn’t debuted yet in liga with Fabril, but on the last game against CD Ourense he was on the bench as second keeper Edu was injured. The curious thing is that he already debuted with the first team; it was during the pre-season as he and Marc Martinez joined Aranzubia during the first days with Oltra. Gómez made his debut in the friendly game before SD Negreira (July 27). The coaching staff at the club has big hopes on him; actually he was already picked by Ginés Meléndez, the U-17 coach of Spain, for a couple training sessions in Madrid.

3- Adriá Gallego (21, right-back defender, Fabril) Without doubt in recent years the most prolific players for the youth teams have been the side defenders; Raul Garcia, Diego Seoane and Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ have been promoted within the last three years to the first squad, though not all of them have claimed a spot a the first team, but the fact of making that important step is more than showy. And the next big candidate to follow their steeps is Adriá Gallego Arias, a Catalan reinforcement that arrived to Deportivo B during the summer.

The right-back is the fourth player with more minutes at Depor B (1,603) and stands out for been a very complete defender, because he is a solid defender and also because is normal to see him joining the attacks with his accurate crosses and attempts to score; he hasn’t been able to score yet despite having a few opportunities, but already made three assists. Clearly it’s the side defender with the better possibilities towards the near future.

4- Pablo Ínsua Blanco: (18, central defender, Fabril) He was the biggest revelation on the past season as he surprisingly claimed a spot at Deportivo B despite only been 17 at the time; the Arzua-born central defender has spent seven years at the club and had a mixed luck with Fabril as he combined solid performances with disappointing matches that pulled him down to Juvenil A for the end of the season. Still, on the present season he has been more solid and is a fixed player in the Fabril team that’s competing at Tercera División. In fact, he is the field player with more minutes after the closure of the first round (1,665) even scoring a goal and giving one assist.

The competition is ferocious at the first team, with Aythami, Ze Castro and Colotto competing for two spots, while former Fabril David Rochela see things from the distance, so it’s seems difficult to think of his promotion to the senior squad ahead of next season; however with the Argentine endings his contract in June of 2012, and with the Portuguese doing the same one year later, there are high hopes on seeing Ínsua joining the first team in the mid-term.

5- Uxio Marcos Nores: (18, central defender/centre midfielder, Fabril) One of the few players that has completed the cycle at Abegondo; in 2003 he joined the Alevín B squad and eight years later he is a regular starter at Deportivo B; he debuted early on the year with Fabril and is one of the main hopes for the future after been part of the Spanish team that ended second in the UEFA U-17 European tournament of 2010.

The interesting fact is that Tito Ramallo is trying to reconvert him; in the recent past his job was at the centre of the defense, but since this season he is performing as a centre midfielder. He has been a starter in 13 of the 19 games disputed so far at Tercera División. He’s considered to be an intelligent marker that still has to learn a lot –he’s only 18- and the general comment is that he could join the first team in three years.

6- Jorge de Dios Alonso (16, centre midfielder, Juvenil A) This youngster arrived during the summer coming from Pabellón de Ourense and has impressed with his skills and leadership on the pitch. Deportivo often looks at Pabellón at the moment of searching for young blood, players like Fabril’s captain Diego Vieytes and Diego Seoane came from there, so the club’s official didn’t think twice when they saw the chance of picking him to Deportivo.

De Dios joined the Juvenil B squad, but only stayed there for six games, because he was promoted to Juvenil A and is now a normal starter there, until the Christmas break he had played nine games at División de Honor. He isn’t a centre midfielder that doesn’t scores goals and neither gives the last pass, but is a motor that dictates the pace at midfield territory. He was even considered for Fabril after Ramallo was facing injury problems, though he hasn’t debuted yet with the B squad of Deportivo.

 Source of the photos: Canaldeportivo.com, La Opinión A Coruña & Ana Barja



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