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26 Dec 2011
For the second straight year RCDLC.com presents the list with the best youngsters at the youth teams of Deportivo; this time the list is composed by 13 players, promises that represent the hope for the future.

The economic situation has pushed Deportivo to rely on its youth teams, which seems like the only solution now that the club is at Segunda División; the goal of president Lendoiro is to erase the debt as soon as possible and later build up again a strong team for la liga competition, but no matter the kind of reinforcements that could arrive in the future the fact is that the project is now based in the young blood that’s growing up at the fields of the sporting city located at Abegondo.

RCDLC.com presents for the second straight year a list of the best players currently performing at Deportivo’s youth teams and also a short description of their performance within the last twelve months; the list is composed by thirteen youngsters. The second article explains the situations of seven players: two playmakers, two wingers and three strikers.

7- Juan Carlos Real (20, playmaker, Fabril/Depor) Perhaps he’s more a reality rather than a promise, because he’s one of the two youngsters on this list that already debuted with the first team during an official game (Copa Del Rey); the point is that his young age, combined with his look of Valerón and his skills as a playmaker, invites to think that El Flaco already has a successor. The A Coruña-born player is the heart of Deportivo B on the current season, He has only missed three games as he was picked by Oltra to the first team, and is the top-scorer at the B squad with nine goals at Tercera División, but is also the leading assistor with five so far.

The best part is that he already proved that he is ready for the first team; and it’s that Juan Carlos played in the four Copa Del Rey meetings disputed by Depor on the season, always leaving a positive and refreshing impression; he was pretty active in the victories over Girona CF and CD Alcoyano, while in the series with Primera side Levante UD he made up a great play in the second-leg that caused the second penalty on the game. Without doubt, of all the youngsters in this list, Juan Carlos seems to be the first one that will make that final and important step into the first team and into professionalism.

8- Diego Vela (20, right winger, Fabril) A very complete winger currently performing at Deportivo B; he has the skills and the velocity to be considered as a pure winger, and also possess an exquisite technique to harm the rival penetrating by the sides. This A-Coruña born player arrived to the club in 2006 and is completing his second season at Fabril. On the current Tercera season he’s the second best scorer at the team with six goals added to his tally plus one assist.

Perhaps his biggest problem is his intermittence, because in some games he looks like the keystone of the team, while in others he is disappeared; besides he had injury problems in the past, though on the present season he only missed two games with the B team. Another problem for him is that the wings is the most well covered position at the first team, with Guardado, Salomão and Bruno Gama fighting for two spots, and with Saul and Pablo Álvarez looking for the near distance, so a probable appearance with Oltra’s team doesn’t look probable, at least in the short-term.

9- Iago Beceiro (18, striker/left winger, Fabril) This youngster is already in the books of records at the club, because he was the first player that completed the cycle between the youngest squad at the club and the first team. This A Coruña-born promise arrived to Deportivo in 2003 to compete with Alevin B squad, which at the time was the youngest team at the club, and seven years later he was debuting with the first squad during an official match as he played for nineteen minutes in the Copa Del Rey second-leg before UD Almeria. Beceiro was 17 at the time and also became into the youngest player to make an official debut with the first team since the sporting city of Abegondo was founded in 2003.

His natural position is the centre of the attack, but within the last two years he has been used as a left winger too; in any case his brash style is unique. In his debut with Depor B on the past season he dazzled everyone with a marvelous play that meant a goal before RSD Álcala. An interesting stat is that he has only performed for 644 minutes with Depor B, but already scored four goals, so he has an average of one goal scored every 161 minutes, and that’s a better average than another notorious former Fabril attacker: Lassad, who had an average of one goal scored every 176 minutes. Perhaps his only problem is his strong character, but under control he definitely should reach the first team.

10-Luis Fernández (18, striker, Fabril) One of the surprises on the present season, not because his skills were unknown for the coaching staff at the club, the point is that it was expected that other strikers were going to be above him. It was expected that this A Coruña-born attacker was going to spend more time at Juvenil A, while Álvaro Lemos and Álex Pérez were going to be at Fabril, but in the end Luis has only played for the B squad and is the fourth best scorer in the team with four goals added to his tally; the interesting fact is that he has the best average at Fabril: one goal scored every 114 minutes.

But his scoring skills were pretty well known at the club; Luis arrived to Deportivo two years ago coming from Ural. His first year was very impressive as he scored 26 goals in 30 matches with Juvenil B; on the past season he was promoted to Juvenil A and scored 13 in 23 appearances at División de Honor. This season Tito Ramallo has used him as a central attacker and also as a left winger.

11- Daniel Iglesias Gago (16, striker, Juvenil A) For the second straight year he is on the list and clearly he deserves it; 2011 clearly belongs to Dani Iglesias, because he scored 31 goals in the period, which is the second highest number at the youth teams, only behind Infantil B Manu Mosqueira. The point is that it’s unusual to see these marks at the oldest teams, and that’s one of the reasons why he was already picked for a couple of training sessions with Spain’s U-16 team.

The striker is used to perform alongside older players, last season he scored the incredible number of 39 goals in 33 matches with the Cadete A team, this despite been only 15; for this season he was going to be promoted to Juvenil B, but instead he make an additional step and went directly into Juvenil A, team composed by 17/18-year-old players, and Dani is the current top-scorer at the team with 11 goals added to his tally after 14 appearances. At this rate he’ll soon reach Deportivo B.

12- Julio Delgado Dominguez (15, playmaker, Juvenil B) This talented playmaker arrived to Deportivo on the past season coming from Viveiro. He was going to perform with the Cadete B team, but during the pre-season coach Devesa decided to keep the player at Cadete A and quickly he gained a spot at the starting formation. Together with Dani Iglesias they were the only players that disputed all the 33 matches disputed by the team on the past league competition (División de Honor).

This left-footed player can also perform on the wings and as a centre midfielder; he has been described as a player with a unique vision to make passes; on the present season he’s alternating between Cadete A and Juvenil B, but has spent more time in this last team making eight appearances in the league. A few months ago he was picked to Spain’s U-16 squad, which clearly indicates that he’s on the right track to become an important player in the world of football.

13- Javier Fernandez Abruñedo ‘Bicho’ (15, winger, Cadete A) Without doubt the revelation in the last semester of 2011. Bicho is a winger with the ability to penetrate the rival’s defense through the sides, but also with the vision to help the team with his game by the centre. The point is that he never was among the top-scorers at the team, until he exploded on the present season with the Cadete A team.

On the campaign 2009/10 he only scored 8 goals in 30 matches with Cadete B, on the past season he was promoted to Cadete A and scored 6 times after 30 appearances. And the radical change started this season; Dani Iglesias was promoted and Bicho stayed at Cadete A to claim the spot as top-scorer of the team. So far he has scored the impressive number of 16 goals in 15 appearances in the league. The point is that he has scored at least once in 13 of the 15 games disputed by Cadete A at División de Honor Cadete, actually he scored at least once within the first eleven matches, a record without precedents at the youth teams of Deportivo. His explosion didn’t pass unnoticed outside the club and, together with Julio Delgado, he was already picked for some training sessions with Spain’s U-16 team.

 Source of the photos: La Opinión A Coruña & Ana Barja



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