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28 Dec 2011
Fabrilís Diego Vela talked to Daniel Mťndez from Riazor.org and analysed the current season of Deportivo B and also of Oltraís first team. The right winger hopes to reach one day the senior squad of Depor.

Q: You are coming out from Orillamar Cadete team, your first year as a Juvenile was at Calasanz, but playing at Divisiůn de Honor and also with the Galician national team. Do you remember the offer coming from Deportivo?
A: It was at the end of the first year with Juveniles at Calasanz, after a solid year that allowed me to sign for Deportivo. I arrived and made the pre-season with Juvenil A and stayed. And it was in the second year, when I was already at Depor, when I played with the national team of Galicia.

Q: You were born in La CoruŮa. What did it mean for you to sign for Deportivo?
A: I was 16 and was something quite important, especially since I was a Deporís fan all my life. The truth is I'm very happy.

Q: This is your third season at Fabril. The first was pretty good, the second was regular, but this one seems to be overcoming the first, right?
A: Yes, this is the third season at Fabril since I was already working with the team during my last year at Juvenil A, although occasionally I played with the younger team. The truth is that the first year was pretty good; I had enough minutes despite been too young and scored six goals. In the second last year at Segunda B, the truth is that things werenít good. Injuries ... The collarbone, the ankle, I injured my hamstring muscle... all that injuries cut everything. But this season has been good, again.

Q: This has been an irregular season at Fabril, but you still living close to the top places. Have we seen the best of this team? Do you think this is the way to enter into the playoffs?
A: Yes, it was a very new team, a total revolution, very young, and we begin with doubts at first, because we didnít know each other. Little by little weíve gained a lot of confidence and I see the team very well. It was a pity to miss the win on the past matchday, but the truth is that we still close to the play-off.

Q: Good players left, but new ones arrived and they earned a place. Marc [Martinez], Gallego, Cubillas... undoubtedly the promotion is the priority of the team, isnít?
 A: Yes, the main goal is to enter into the play-offs and get the promotion. For that reason we work.

Q: Against the big teams you arenít doing a bad work, but against Ourense everything went a little worse. Do you see yourself strong enough to compete face to face with the big teams, the squads from the provincial capitals?
A: From my point of view we are very strong to compete with anyone. We beat Pontevedra, Racing [Ferrol] equalized the game at the end... In Ourense we played a bad game, but gradually have gained confidence and we are leaving things right.

Q: This year you seem to be confirming yourself as a pearl for the future of Deportivo, even you have improved your scoring numbers. Do you see yourself in the short or medium-term at the first team?
A: Yes, Iíve scored six goals, just like the first season. For me is a proud, and will be enchanted, but for now Iím at Fabril and must keep working in order to gain a chance.

Q: There are several former Fabrilís players that are now part of Deportivo, who are you looking at? Who would you choose to be? To wait for a chance like Dominguez or Rochela, or to go outside and look for it as Alex and Raul did?
A: I donít know what to say. The truth is that the easiest thing is to stay here and wait for a chance, but the road to Deportivo isnít certain.

Q: If you would have to go out looking for an opportunity, would you do it?
A: If I have to, yes.

Q: Changing the issue, the relegation of Fabril was a very hard hit for everyone, as it was the relegation of Deportivo. How and where did you live the game with Valencia?
A: I was at the stadium and the truth is that it was a pity. I was used from my childhood to go to the stadium to watch Deportivo at the Champions League trashing Milan 4-0 and suddenly I was watching the relegation, it was a shock.

Q: And now, how do you see Oltraís team? Will be able to end among the top two places?
A: Yes, I saw them with doubts at the beginning, perhaps also like Fabril, because itís a new phase, but the truth is that now they look confident and are already at the top. I think they will be among the first two places.

Q: What must be for you, putting yourself as the coach, the line of three attacking midfielders at Deportivo?
 I would put Valerůn, Guardado and Bruno Gama, although Salom„o also does a great job.



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