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29 Dec 2011
Coach Jose Luis Oltra gave his last interview of 2011 as he speaks to La Opiniůn a CoruŮa and AS; the Valencian man is only thinking of the promotion to Primera Divisiůn; itís the only point on his agenda ahead of 2012.

Q: After the shaky start in the first matchdays of the season, can be said that the worst is over?
A: In a professional level, the best is yet to come, on a personal level, probably. I am delighted about life in A CoruŮa and how people welcomed me. We are feeling very integrated and very comfortable and always say that now we must win games to last in the job and spend a lot of time on here. I like the club and Iím very happy in the day by day. Limiting ourselves to the sporting issue, I think the team is in an ascending line. Whether the style of playing, which is becoming more settled, or the adaptation to the league. Every time we have better results, although we must be patient. Now we face a very tough second round and what we must do is to continue growing and maintaining a dynamic that could allow us to achieve the objective.

Q: The day you arrived you assumed the expectations placed on your team to get the promotion at the first attempt, has that pressure surpassed you at some stage of the season?
 A: Not at all. The pressure corresponds to the greatness of the club and the entity itself. The pressure is consistent with the objectives and I think I've been assuming it from the first day in a very natural and very normal way, both the objectives and the standards of the team. Although I donít transmit this sensation, I've been very quiet, especially because I believe in the group, because Iím confident of this team. Otherwise, what you can say about it, and I will always respect it and accept it, but the reality is that I have always been quiet. I am convinced of our possibilities, and not mine, but above all the team. The pressure, I repeat, is according to the greatness of this entity due to its recent history.

Q: Do you feel victorious over those who demanded solutions and changes due to the irregular performance of the team and as you stayed inflexible in your ideas?
A: That's an outside reading. I never doubted on how we play or the quality of the team. I donít think the team has gone wrong, both in results and the feelings transmitted by the players, but we still have to improve many things. The team is under construction, but growing every day and every day gets better. Itís no longer a matter of stubbornness, but to think that good things have their circumstances. Neither is better nor worse than the previous team or what may come in the future, but I believe that is the style that suits the team. If at any moment I have to change it will be because I think itís the best to improve, there is no doubt that I would do it.

Q: But you always remained faithful to the same style...
A: We all have an idea of football, a model and a philosophy. I believe that our current one is the best, not only for the club but for the squad. We have quality players that make things happen when they have the ball. What we need to look is the balance, so we can later defend and be a top team in the two facets of the game. It's not a negotiable style, itís a style that I think is the right one for the players that we have.

Q: Do you think that the doubts at the beginning have helped the group as soon as you recovered all the players?
A: I donít know if it reinforced us, but surely it helped us. And it also affected us at the time as well. The more and better players you have, the better trainer you are and probably you will get better results.

Q: Will the elimination in Copa provoke the modification in the distribution of minutes used until the tie against Levante?
A: I donít know. I try to put the best players for each game. Sometimes it means giving a lot of continuity and others to make many changes. This is all based on the results or the shape of the players, and sometimes there are other circumstances. I canít say: ďFrom now on we are going to see changesĒ or ďFrom now on you are going to see the same eleven menĒ. Maybe later I could change up to four players every game, because I understand what the best is.

Q: Is January the beginning of the decisive stretch on the season?
A: Not at all. The most determinant game is the next one against Xťrez. The weekly game is the most decisive and most important one, I've been saying it since I arrived. There hasnít been a game that wasnít important, vital and therefore decisive. The last match in Las Palmas, for example, because it was the chance to enter into the direct promotion zone. The previous one because we were playing at home after drawing at Valladolid. And so on. Although we do well in this stretch of the season after Christmas, if we donít get good results later then it would have been worthless. In the end itís a matter of achieving a goal and in order to do it I think the best is to only focus on the next game. To go game by game in order to add the largest number of points.

Q: Is the coaching staff handling the possibility of masking a signing or allowing an exit during the winter market starting in January?
A: That is a question for the president and the sporting director. I'm happy with the squad I have, but I've always left the door open, because any team can be improved or modified by different circumstances. I havenít planned an exit and neither an arrival, but we all know how football is. Maybe we donít plant it, but the chance might show up. I donít have any plan, but will see the options.

Q: The next thing for the team and yourself is the promotion at the end of season, are you looking beyond June?
A: No. Football only has a present, no past or future. How am I going to look beyond June if I donít even know what will happen in the next game? In order to have a perspective on the future you have to look and focus on the next game. To me thereís nothing beyond the match with Xťrez.

Q: Isnít all of this causing you more tension?
A: This is the life of the coach. All the teams pass a test every week. This profession has very nice things and some that are less pretty, because it not only depends on your work, but of many other factors. Donít forget this is a game and random has a lot to do with it. I am not feeling anguish, but simply focus on the next game and when it passes then I'm looking to improve in the next game in order to try to win again.

Q: But you know that the promotion is vital for the viability of the club, so arenít you able to think beyond the game against Xťrez?
A: I donít think of it. First we need to clinch the promotion. For that reason we must beat Xťrez, which is the first game, and then the next one. There is no other way of thinking. Once we get the promotion we will see the situation in which the club is.

Q: When you arrived you emphasized the personality of Valerůn within the group, were you surprised with someone else in the months you have spent at the team?
A: What I said of Juan Carlos (Valerůn) was only the thought I had at the changing room both personally and professionally. I wasnít surprised with Juan Carlos, because every day heís very good. This is a united group, caring, hardworking and professional. I wasnít surprised with anyone in particular, I simply highlight the fact that this is a fantastic group to work every day and I am really enjoying it.

Q: Are you happy despite that at times you have seemed quite the opposite?
A: 'I'm happy, but I think we can improve. The team is in an ascending line. We want to be demanding, because we still have the most difficult task and we havenít done anything yet; I am satisfied with the group.

Q: What is your balance of 2011 for Depor?
A: The sensations transmitted by the team is that itís growing and the results have been with us. It has pushed us until the promotion spots; itís reassuring the environment and gives us security. I am satisfied, but I have both feet on the ground.

Q: What was the best?
A: Undoubtedly, the fans. Regarding the team, that it digesting what we want. With the ball it is making important things, because it has quality and punch. We are becoming protagonists, with more control, and defensively we are more secure.

Q: Have you asked anything to the Magic Kings?
A: Only points, a lot of points. I am not asking for any player. Iíve a squad with 24 players. If someone arrives then it has to improve a lot what we have. Itís difficult, because the performance of the team is rising.

Q: With the injury of Xisco or Riki, donít you feel the necessity in attack?
A: These are circumstances. It isnít normal to see Xisco out of the plans. His bad luck will end in 2011, in 2012 he will be a very important player, he has conditions.

Q: What do you want for 2012?
A: The promotion. There is no doubt of it, is the only valid objective. Then continue growing as a team.



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