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04 Jan 2012
Deportivo is presenting solid scoring numbers on this season, but the contribution of the strikers still need to improve; only Lassad is presenting convincing numbers, while the offensive weight of the team is falling over the wingers.

It has been a solid season for Deportivo in terms of offensive game; the Galicians are the second best scorer at Segunda with 29 goals in favour after 18 matchdays, only surpassed by RC Celta (31). The contribution of the strikers, however, still on doubt, starting with the fact that only 11 of those 29 goals (38% of the total) were scored by the four strikers at the team.

At the same time the strikers have only made three assists, which means that the attackers at Deportivo have only been directly involved in 48% of the goals scored by the Galician team, a percentage that’s insufficient according to the aspirations of Oltra’s men for this season.

As a way of comparison, the wingers at Deportivo, considered as the strongest line at the team, have scored ten goals giving six assists, which means that they have been directly involved in 55% of Depor’s goals. So, the contribution of the strikers can’t be described as poor, but neither is acceptable, especially taking in mind the personal performance of the four strikers at Oltra’s squad.

Because only Lassad has presented solid numbers on this season, scoring seven goals, giving three assists and been the ninth player with more minutes on the Segunda season (1,140), while the other three attackers at the team are presenting disappointing stats.

Riki has faced several injuries; the Madrilenian has been able to play in 11 of the 18 matches on the season, but the fact is that he only made two appearances for the full ninety minutes, only scoring four times without giving an assist. In the end he has only played for 538 minutes, which only is the 14th highest mark at the team.

Worse are the numbers of the other two strikers at the team; both Rodolfo Bodipo and Xisco have only been on the pitch for 67 minutes; the first as substitute in five matches, while the Majorcan in the home clash with Hércules CF.



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