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06 Jan 2012
The case of Andrés Guardado is getting into the level of a civil war in Spain, or at least it’s what the newspaper in Valencia are trying to do; it seems that Valencia CF has already reached an agreement with the Mexican winger

Since the past summer, the case of Andrés Guardado has constantly been in the newspapers, mainly in La Coruña. Depor paid seven million Euros for him in 2007 and president Lendoiro was having the dilemma of trying to recover part of the money invested in the winger as he was living his last year of contract or, instead, keeping the player in order to increase the promotion chances of Deportivo.

In the end the president made a choice that wasn’t so difficult, because the true is that the club never received a proper offer for Guardado, reason why Depor’s boss didn’t think twice and decided to keep the player, boosting the promotion aspirations of the Galician team, but at the same time risking the weak financial situation of the team as his renewal was looking improbable at the time.

As it could be expected, Guardado has fulfilled his duties, presenting a stable performance and currently been one of the key players in the offensive efforts at Oltra’s team. The ex-Atlas winger is one of the two top-scorers at the team with seven goals in favour, and is also the best assistor at Oltra’ squad with four assists made so far.

What has been irregular is what’s happening outside the pitch, because since the relegation Guardado has kept silence; he doesn’t give interviews to any reporter in Spain and neither gives press conferences as the other Depor’s players do. He just talks to Mexican journalists when he travels to North America, but never talks of his future. Who usually talks to reporters is his agent, Mario Ordiales, who at the end of December hinted that the player was close to sign for Valencia CF.

But the Valencians aren’t the only club that was linked with Guardado since June of 2011; actually there were other ten clubs that seemed to be interested in him: Juventus FC, FK Spartak Moscow, Olympique Lyonnais, Olympique Marseille, FC Schalke 04, Borussia Dortmund BvB, Sporting Clube de Portugal, SL Benfica, Atletico Madrid, Villarreal CF and CF America.

An eleventh club appeared on December as Lendoiro insinuated during a press conference that he had “heard” something about Sevilla FC, and on the following week Mario Ordiales was saying that the player was closer to Valencia CF than to Sevilla FC.

And precisely the fresher chapter on this soap opera is coming from Valencia; since Monday all the players ending contract in June are free to negotiate with other clubs, which is the normal rule of FIFA, and Sportpaper Super Deporte just lasted a few days to proclaim that Guardado already belongs to Valencia CF.

On Wednesday, the Valencian Sportpaper wrote an extensive article explaining the news, while the front cover of the paper wrote that “Guardado is ours” and was mocking of Villarreal CF and Sevilla CF assuring that Valencia reached a verbal agreement with the player despite the interest of the other two Primera clubs –the paper even had the bad gesture of crossing out the shields of those clubs- 

 The front cover of Deporte Campeón, “Guardado is ours”

The paper even described the operation as a “steal”, because they assure that Valencia and Villarreal approached Deportivo in order to buy the player, only to find out that the winger already had a verbal agreement with the Valencians. Super Deporte even admits that this verbal agreement exists since September or October, something illegal according to FIFA’s transfer rules as they should have requested permission to Depor before reaching the player.

The funny thing is that Mario Ordiales, who in December said to be on negotiations with Valencia, is now denying everything, as he told to Mexican Radio Record FM, “Since a while ago there are a lot of versions about a lot of things. The true is that this is not the time for this; in February I will travel to La Coruña and will talk to the club first, I still have a pending meeting with Depor’s president and later will define Andrés’ next contract. I am surprised with the latest versions, but the only sure thing is that there’s nothing with anyone.” He said.

With or without a deal with Valencia, the true is that the case with Guardado is now reaching the level of a war, and it’s seems very improbable that he could stay at Deportivo, though for now Lendoiro and all the Deportivismo is only focused in achieving the promotion.



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