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10 Feb 2012
Arsenio Iglesias is an authority to talk of Deportivo, but also of Hércules as he also trained the Valencia club. The coach of the Super Depor era talked to Radio Voz and analyzed the current moment of Deportivo.

Few persons can presume of the resume have by Arsenio Iglesias, this former player of Deportivo also coached Fabril and was the head coach of the Super Depor era. But before succeeding in A Coruña as a coach, he was the trainer of Hércules CF during the best years of the Valencians at Primera División (1973-77). El Bruxo de Arteixo shared his view on the current situation of Deportivo.

Q: You were invited for the kick-off on Sunday.
A: Yes, they called and invited me for the kick-off on Sunday, because it’s a meeting between two clubs in which I spent so many time; they would like to see me giving the first kick, but I told them that I wasn’t in very good conditions to move around.

Q: But people shouldn’t be worried...
A: I'm fine, what happens is that I have sciatica, besides I'm not longer going anywhere. It’s not that I have this or that, but you'll lose the habit of traveling and, well, you must retire.

Q: You spent four years at Hercules. Do you have good memories of it?
A: Yes, very good memories. The first year we achieved the promotion and then we were always at the top positions, it couldn’t be more solvent; it was very difficult to beat us, because I had very competitive people.

Q: You almost qualified them for the UEFA Cup
A: Yes, there was a year when Real [Sociedad] entered by one goal, I think, and in the others we were also at the top. In the end, the team was rarely losing, yes.

Q: Some of us missed to see that invitation for the first round game
A: But you know what happen? That I am not going anywhere. People there were kind enough to invite me and I appreciate that, but I don’t usually go anywhere.

Q: On Sunday you want to see Depor winning, right?
A: Yes, I keep good memories of Alicante, but of course, here I spent most of my life and it’s where I started, and from there it happened everything else: good, bad or average things.

Q: Depor has seven straight wins, what do you think?
 A: It's complicated. At any time, after any error, they can cut the streak. It's a reward, a way of saying that the team is there and that it keeps this regularity that’s very important for the promotion.

Q: Will the team clinch the promotion?
A: I hope so. They have a great advantage, and though later they could have a low moment, they even have enough to give for free a bit.

Q: Surely it still have to live toughest moments, right?
A: Yes, it’s hard and difficult, the problems are always there and any team can defeat you. What happens is that you must insist and must have faith in this team that’s winning and resisting.

Q: Are you liking the team?
A: I think that, especially, the team plays with a sense of the game, and it seizes those spaces in the final meters. What I think is that it lacks a bit of intensity and fight, I think it may be a problem, but I neither know exactly.

Q: How about the work made by Oltra?
A: If his work is reflected in the team, then everything is fine, it means you are doing well.



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