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12 Jun 2006
A couple of weeks ago, deportivo-la-coruna.com informed about the winner of the player of they year award, this honour was for Munitis who won it for the second consecutive occasion, now it's time to announce one of the two new awards that this pe?a has created: young player of the season. An award that has been given to Iago Iglesias.

It's well know that the new project of Deportivo is based in the youngsters, without money to buy the big stars that other clubs signs, Depor has now to create them. The first stone in this project was the arrival of coach Joaqu?n Caparr??s, a person that knows how to give the little push that this young players need in order to succeed.

Deportivo-la-coruna.com decided that one of the things that could give a little help in this new project is the support of the fans, for this reason the award for young player of the season has been created. The procedure is the same one used to choose who will be the player of the year. Each pe?a member awarded the three best players of Depor in every season match with the options of 5, 3 or 1 point according to their performance. The numbers were added week by week. In order to be a candidate, the youngster must be a U-23 player.

The winner this year is Iago Iglesias, the 22-year-old player participated in 12 matches this season, including one copa match. His debut occurred during the visit of Osasuna to Riazor. Caparr??s decided to give him an opportunity when Depor was losing the game (0-1). It was a big responsibility because he replaced Valer??n during the second half. Although that Depor wasn't capable of reaching the draw, Iago demonstrated to be a promising player.

Later he enjoyed a new chance and this time he was part of the starting line-up. It happened when Mallorca visited Riazor for the start of the second round in la liga. He played as pivote. It isn’t his normal position, but Iago showed one more time his good skills and fulfilled the job with a decent note. The game ended in a disappointing 2-2 and with Valer??n injured, a casualty that opened a new door to the Galician promise.

Caparr??s suffered during several weeks because of the offensive problems in his team. Without a brain in midfield, he proved several choices until he found the answer in Iago. The Galician player started to perform in his new function during the visit of M??laga to the Riazor. Since then he was a regular starter and enjoyed of good presentations like the one against Villarreal or the home game against Racing, a match that was also important to him since it was his debut as scorer. The effort done had it's reward at the end of the season and Iago obtained a professional contract with the club.

In this way, he is the first player during Caparr??s' era that makes the transition between Fabril and the first squad. But the talent of Iago has also been noticed outside of the club, the U-21 national coach, I?aki S??nz, called him for a friendly game against Denmark on May 17th, 2006. Later he was called once again to play against Norway.

From the fourth division (Tercera) to the U-21 national squad. A journey that's easy to write, but difficult to accomplish, specially if this mission is done in only one year. For this and other reasons Iago Iglesias is our young player of the season. The following is the list of points of the U-23 players according to the votes made by the pe?a:

1st- Iago 124 pts
2nd- Arizmendi  74 pts
3rd-  Iv??n Carril  68 pts
4th-  Xisco 31 pts
5th- Momo 4 pts
6th- Senel  3 pts

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