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05 Mar 2012
In the week in which the fans were planning to tribute him, El Flaco scored his third goal in liga; he also talked of his near future, though it was to say that he will decide his continuity at football until the end of the season.

It has been a special week for Juan Carlos Valerón; a few days ago a group of fans planned to tribute him with applauses at minute 21 of all the liga meetings; the idea was partially implemented in the meeting with AD Alcorcón as some part of the Riazor was applauding at that point of the game.

And the response of Valerón wasn’t partial, but total, because 17 minutes later the Canarian playmaker opened the can scoring the first goal in the game, a vital goal that unclogged a tough match for Oltra’s side. The newspapers liked the performance of El Flaco and he was described as one of the keys for the final victory.

And one day later, on Saturday’s morning, Valerón was the one answering the questions of reporters at the press room of Abegondo. As it should be known the former Atletico player has a special contract at Depor, his deal determines that he will be a club’s official as soon as he decides to retire; at the end of the past season the 36-year-old player decided that he was going to play for at least one more season.

Now, with the current season finding its final stretch, Valerón has to decide what will happen with him, and during his press conference the Arguineguín-born magician explained that he will make his decision until the end, because what matters the most is to achieve the promotion, “Beyond what could happen to me, there’s a very important goal for Deportivo and Deportivismo, and it’s the promotion. We are all focused on that.”

“For me the opinion of both the club and the coach are pretty important. It is going to be a key factor. Right now I’m having good feelings, but like to make decisions with a cold mind. We’ll see it at the end of the season. It will be the moment to face the situation and decide what will happen. Right now it isn’t something that worries me. I am calmed and focused on the team.” He added.

El Flaco also talked of his scoring streak on this season, “I am content for have scored one more goal. For me it’s always a satisfaction, especially because I am helping the team. I am not a goals scorer. For this reason it’s always a great each time that it happens.”

“Sometimes you are pending of creating scoring opportunities for your partners, and later think that it’s enough with that. So it’s positive to hear the phrase: Hey, you can also have arrivals and score goals. It’s good to believe and try to do it in every game. The coach encourages me to do it. Sometimes it will work out and sometimes it won’t, but if you are closer to the area then there are more chances of having a play that could end in goal.” He added.

Finally, Valerón was thanking the support and the love coming from the fans, “For me these situations are pretty emotive and are a real satisfaction. I am thankful for the love of the fans. It’s something to be hopeful and push you to help the team and bring the best of my football. It’s the moment to keep working and fight for our goal.”



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