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09 Mar 2012
Between 1,300 and 1,800 fans of Deportivo will attend to the Pedro Escartín stadium in order to watch the game CD Guadalajara vs. Deportivo. Even new stands will be up for Saturday’s game and the hosts expect the biggest attendance ever.

Deportivo still dragging fans and supporters and on Saturday a massive trip to Guadalajara is expected to occur. The trip to Castile-La Mancha -650 Km, 6 hours on the road-- represents one of the shortest journeys on this season and the fans want to take advantage of the situation in order encourage Oltra’s team in its quest back to Primera División.

The Pedro Escartín is another small stadium at Segunda División, one of those places in which Deportivo often suffers –El Collao, Santo Domingo…- but on Saturday, Deportivo’s squad will witness a familiar environment as practically the 30% of the stadium will be full with Depor’s supporters.

The stadium has a capacity for 5,200 spectators, normally 4,000 local fans attend to watch the matches of CD Guadalajara, but on Saturday it’s calculated that between 1,300 and 1,800 Deportivo’s fans will attend to the meeting, the club’s officials of Guadalajara expect the biggest attendance in the history of the club and are even installing new stands in order to enlarge the capacity of the stadium to 6,500 –the price of the tickets is 30 Euros-

In this way the match at Guadalajara will be Depor’s biggest trip on this season in terms of fans’ support, on the previous visit to Real Valladolid there were around 500 fans at the José Zorilla, while 400 watched the disaster at Santo Domingo before AD Alcorcón.

In order to find this kind of support in past away meetings it is necessary to go back to the Primera clashes in Vigo or Gijón, while the record are the 7,000 souls that travelled to Logroño (1994) and Santander (2000) in the seasons in which Deportivo was fighting for the liga title.



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