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19 Mar 2012
The papers were unanimous: Deportivo clearly deserved the victory; but at the same time the media complains that the Galician outfit should have clinched a bigger result before a soft and weak rival.

La Opinión A Coruña: Tribute to the Riazor. There were three goals, but could be four, five or more. Deportivo put the victory on track with two goals in the first half hour and then had a carousel of opportunities, enough to achieve a scandalous score against a team with few resources. The morale of Alcoyano just lasted fifteen minutes, which took Guardado to seize a great pass of Colotto to score the first. The Mexican, enormous, once again was the protagonist in the play of the second goal. He could have finished it, but preferred to give the assist to Juan Dominguez (m.28). That was the end of the game. Depor dominated at will, with good football, and only its lack of aim prevented a bigger score. Lassad, at the 88’, rounded out the score with the 3-0, a little result due the merits of both teams. Placid victory for the leader, side that already wins without suffering, and double homage: to the Riazor, stadium that finally enjoyed without asking for the final whistle, and, of course, to Jesus Vazquez, to whom his team-mates dedicated the victory.

Depor went out to eat Alcoyano. Without contemplations. It didn’t wait to grow in the game. This time it decided for the fast track, which was to attack more brazen than usual. So much that Xisco only needed three minutes to have a shot on goal. The striker, especially motivated on the day of his debut as a starter, grazed the goal on several occasions. With both the foot and the head. Laure sought for him on the right and Guardado, untiring, from the left. The Majorcan missed several clear chances, although the one the failed the most, by far, was Bruno Gama. He came in grace, having scored four goals within the last five games, but yesterday wasn’t his day. Yes in his specialty, the one-on-one plays, but not in the ending. Valerón served on a platter the third just before halftime. It seemed a simple play, virtually at will, but the Portuguese made it more difficult and sent the ball over the bar. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo designed a stunning win over Alcoyano after seeing the spaces granted by an inferior opponent and overwhelmed by the circumstances, but the Galician team failed in the execution of the work. It forgave clear scoring chances that went into limbo, just in the day when they least needed them. The 3-0 seemed too little, at least judging by the merits of both teams. Guardado, Juan Dominguez and Lassad gave the victory to Depor, side that dosed its endeavors ahead of more difficult matches.

Alcoyano led one of the most placid evenings so far this season at the Riazor. Even the defensive mismatches caused by the absences of Zé Castro and his replacement, Aythami, didn’t give wings to the few shoves of the opponent; it never put obstacles to the clear superiority of Deportivo, side launched for the direct promotion. Alcoyano committed the greatest sin against Oltra’s team: It granted spaces. So the chances were falling from the sky, one after another, many on the counterattack, so the best news for rival was the 2-0 for Depor.

Despite the blatant local superiority, the game was gradually approaching the familiar script at the Riazor. It warned in a couple of times, with Morcillo and Aloisio. Alcoyano missed more substance to create the usual unrest at the Galician stadium, accustomed to close meetings and to see its team giving air to inferior rivals. It sang the 3-0 seconds before realizing that Bergantiños was offside. Oltra sought for hungry at the bench, and although Saul and Lassad were lukewarm, the Tunisian resolved with his enormous class the 3-0, which certified the tenth consecutive victory at home for a constant Depor that’s a metronome in search of direct promotion. Miguel Piñeiro

Marca: A Depor from Primera. Deportivo (3-0) added another victory that approaches the return to Primera Division. The Galicians dominated from the start the match against Alcoyano, side that didn’t know to create real danger before the goal of Aranzubia. Guardado, Juan Dominguez and Lassad were responsible for sentencing a game in which the best thing was the great game of Oltra’s team.

Bruno Gama and Xisco didn’t have their day, because even though they tried to beat Dorronsoro, the ball didn’t pass between the posts. Oltra decided to change both of them, with a favorable outcome for Depor, side that ruled the game with the third goal of Lassad. Deportivo left great a positive impression during the match, with a much higher game than Alcoyano. Valerón and Guardado signed an exceptional game, which leaves very clear the intentions of the team to not give up the first position and certify before the end of the season its promotion to Primera. A great victory they dedicated to Jesus Vazquez. Laura Tirado.

AS: Guardado is enough to bend the fragile Alcoyano. Deportivo continues its relentless march towards Primera. Yesterday Oltra’s men added its tenth consecutive victory at the Riazor before a fragile Alcoyano, result that puts closer the promotion after the loss of Celta. The game itself didn’t have too much story, because the picture at the standings was soon reflected on the field. In the first ten minutes the leader could be 2-0 with two arrivals of Xisco, but a great stop of Dorronsoro before the scissors-kick attempt of the Balearic and an error in a header of the striker, avoided the punishment to an impotent Alcoyano.

Alcoyano never got the feeling of having a chance, there was only a small sprint with the entrance of Gato and Choco Lozano. But the domain and the chances were for Depor, side that had a singular duel between Xisco and Bruno Gama. Between them there were almost ten attempts, but both seemed doomed and dragged the Riazor into another end with suffering.

However, the opposite happened. Lassad, somewhat sluggish until then, produced a great solo-run to put the finishing touch to the game. The goal provoked the wave at a delivered Riazor. The celebration wasn’t for the goal or the game practiced against Alcoyano, flat for many minutes, but by the firm conviction that each passing game is one day less at Segunda Luis de la Cruz.

Ciudad de Alcoy: Alcoyano have been thrashed out at the field of the leader, Deportivo La Coruña (3-0), in a game that was already on track with goals from Guardado and Juan Dominguez in the first half. Despite the result, goalkeeper Dorronsoro was one of the highlights in a meeting that the Galicians sentenced in the second half, with the goal of Lassad at minute 87. The team of David Porras tried to cut differences in the score during the second half with more determination than skill.

Diario Información (Valencia): A toy in the hands of the leader. Alcoyano was lost in the immensity of the Riazor and ended up being a mere toy in the hands of Deportivo, side that could get a much higher score if Xisco and Bruno Gama would have had the wisdom to seize the chances. The team from Alicante certainly paid the audacity to pretend to play one-on-one before the leader, further supported by 25,000 spectators.

Coach David Porras, didn’t use the trivote, perhaps due the casualties of Diego Jimenez and César Remón, plus the loss of confidence  in Miki, and opted for a much more daring draw with David Torres as the reference in attack, beyond Rafa Gomez, and with Álvaro Silva and Wellington, two offensive players, glued to the wings.

The approach caused continuous mismatches and low order at the moment of defending, Deportivo took advantage of the situation to generate clear scoring opportunities before the goal of Dorronsoro. The third and final goal just reflected on the scoresheet the enormous superiority of the leader against an Alcoyano lacking ideas and sank again on the defensive zone. Improving this aspect seems crucial to keep thinking about salvation. Pedro Seserino.



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